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Forge Gauntlet [Item Creation]

You can forge magic gauntlets, an alternative to magic rings and rods.
Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 12, Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Benefit: You can forge any gauntlet whose prerequisites you meet.

Forging a gauntlet takes one day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. To forge a gauntlet, you must spend 1/25 of its base price in XP and use up raw materials costing one-half of its base price. You can also mend a broken gauntlet if it is one that you could make. Doing so costs half the XP, half the raw materials, and half the time it would take to forge that gauntlet from scratch. Creation of magic gauntlets is never reduced because of bloodline requirements. Some magic gauntlets incur extra costs in material components or XP.

You must pay such a cost to forge such a gauntlet or to mend a broken one.

About Magic Gauntlets: A magic gauntlet can hold a strange or unique power; much as a magic ring, or multiple powers, much as a magical rod. A magic gauntlet can imbue a held weapon with an enhancement bonus, or imbue armor with an enhancement bonus.

A gauntlet's power and use are often restricted by race, gender, or even bloodline. Thus, a gauntlet might function only for orcs (and those with orcish blood such as half-orcs), or more specifically only function for the descendants of the legendary King Maur Foehammer. Likewise, a gauntlet might function only for a Knight of the Blessed Hexagon, or someone who has climbed the Sheer Cliff of Mount Escalon and left a pebble taken from the Golden River at the summit. Such restrictions make attempts to use the Use Magic Device skill more difficult, as shown. If the would-be wielder of the gauntlet does not qualify to use the gauntlet because of an inherent restriction, that person must succeed on a base Use Magic Device check of 20, with the following modifiers.

Task Use Magic Device DC
Emulate Race +5
Emulate Gender +5
Emulate Bloodline +10
Emulate Deed or Honor +10 (per deed or honor)

A magic gauntlet is left- or right- handed, and must be worn on the appropriate hand to function.

Persons unable to wear a normal gauntlet are unable to wear a magic gauntlet. Wearing a gauntlet imposes a 15% arcane spell failure chance. Beings with multiple arms and hands may be able to use multiple right– or left– handed gauntlets.

Magic gauntlets are intended for five-fingered hands, and creatures without a five-fingered hand (a thumb and five fingers) cannot use a standard magic gauntlet.

It is possible for magic gauntlets to be created for non-standard hands such as a six-fingered man, or a gauntlet made for a dragon (fitting over the claws), but that gauntlet would never fit something other than the non-standard hand it was crafted for.

See specific magic gauntlets for examples of magic gauntlets, and the general rules of magic item creation for pricing. Typically, magic gauntlets are uncharged, have a renewing number of uses or charges (similar to a magic rod) over some period of time, or produce an ongoing effect (similar to a magic ring).

Design: This is a complex feat (as magic gauntlets are complex magic items), and the realm of the magic gauntlet subsumes armor and weapon creation feats (which is why SRD:Craft Magic Arms and Armor is a prerequisite), and overlaps both Forge Ring and Craft Rod. Magic Gauntlets, first and foremost, are martial devices, forged for warriors rather than spellcasters and so are appropriate to cultures where warlords are preferred to either divine or arcane leaders.

Magic gauntlets that have racial, bloodline, gendered, or other specific restrictions may be created only when the creator has access to someone who qualifies to use the gauntlet (this is typically the individual for whom the gauntlet is created), or the ancestor (or the ancestor's remains) in the case of a bloodline.

Magic gauntlets emphasize brute power over subtlety or elegance or even sophistication.

Characters having access to Forge Magic Gauntlets as an alternative magic item creation feat should not have access to either Forge Ring or Craft Rod, or other alternative feats to those standard creation feats.

Although a magic gauntlet is a different sort of magic item, intended to give a completely different flavor from existing magic item types, magic gauntlets can be incorporated into a game without this feat by permitting their creation via the standard item creation feats.

If this is done, the author suggests requiring two different item creation feats: either Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Rod, or alternately Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Forge Ring, as appropriate.

An epic version of this feat is possible (and desirable for epic games using alternate magic item creation rules).

Sample Magic Gauntlets:

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