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Foreign Orphan[edit]

Carrot Ironfoundersson (Discworld), a human raised by dwarves.
Buddy (Elf), a human raised by Christmas Elves.

Orcs raid an elven city, leaving the forest in flames and a band of migrants struggling to escape. The journey is long and arduous, and with the orcish army hot on their heels, its inevitable that a few stragglers are left behind. While passing through a mountain pass, an expecting mother falls ill, and her partner stays behind to keep her safe. Nothing goes on in these mountains without the resident dwarves hearing about it, and while they were wary about the group of elvish migrants, they'll set aside their ancient prejudices to help a family out.

Tragically, the mother dies in childbirth regardless, and her partner knows they will be unable to keep the child safe in the future. Instead, they entrust the child to the dwarves, who have shown a sense of tender care that the elves weren't expecting. One day, the parent would return to meet their child, all grown up, but until then, that elvish child will be raised as a dwarf.

Skill Proficiencies:

Tool Proficiencies:

Languages: Ignore your race's language proficiency. You know the languages of the race that adopted you, instead.



d6 Specialization
1 I have a thick and unfitting accent.

Feature: Between Both Worlds[edit]

You don't know much about your inherited culture, which makes you come across as an outsider to your own kind. You feel closer to the culture you were raised in more than anything. When interacting with people from the culture you were raised in, you can quickly demonstrate a lifelong understanding of their social norms and graces that make you come across as an exotic and interesting oddity, earning you more clout with them.

The fact that people may not recognize you as growing up in, say, dwarf culture, can lead to some easy eavesdropping. If two dwarves want to talk in secret, they may openly speak dwarvish to each other, completely unaware that you speak it fluently.

Alternate Feature: <-Feature Name->[edit]

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I put too much value in fitting in.
2 I question the norms of every society.
3 I'm proud of my culture, even if it's not mine by blood.
4 I do what feels right and natural by my own heart, whether it aligns or clashes with my culture.
5 I'm a weird mix of both the culture I was born in and the culture I was raised in.
6 I show absolutely no signs of my blood race's culture, in terms of personality or ideals.
d6 Ideal
1 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
2 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
3 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
4 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
5 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
6 <-Ideal->. (<-Alignment->)
d6 Bond
1 I want to find my birth family.
d6 Flaw
6 You mean I'm NOT just a freakishly tall and skinny dwarf?

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