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Foreclaimer Hybrid[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Hybridized Foreclaimers are a mix between the traditional Foreclaimer and another race, and will, therefore, have a mixed appearance. Typically, though, their skin will still be grey and they will still be quite slim.

  • When Powered. (With Only a Void Crystal) Their skin becomes slightly iridescent, with pulsing black lines across their skin in a design reminiscent of circuitry. A 3" long black Void Crystal sits above where their navel would be, acting as the source of their hybrid form, enhanced power, and black lines. It can be freely removed from its socket.
  • When Powered. (With a Void Crystal and a Power Crystal) Their skin becomes very iridescent, with pulsing black and glowing colored lines across their skin in a design reminiscent of circuitry. A 3" long colored Power Crystal sits above where their navel would be, and a black Void Crystal sits right beneath their solar plexus, together acting as the sources of their hybrid form, enhanced power, and pulsing/glowing lines. They can be freely removed from their sockets.
  • When (Fully) Unpowered.[1] When their Void Crystal is removed from its socket (along with their, they begin to grow weak as their black lines disappear and they return to their traditional unpowered Foreclaimer Form. If left unpowered for more than a year, they will slowly begin to deteriorate over the course of 100 years, eventually reducing their lifespan by half. A Foreclaimer who has been unpowered for more than a year can also begin to gain negative effects such as memory loss, developing strange obsessions or habits, and at worst growing feeble.


The first Hybrid was a Foreclaimer scientist known by his people as Ea the Mad. After being left for dead when his lab was destroyed in an earthquake, he relentlessly searched for a permanent, more powerful energy source outside of what his people traditionally used or traditional magic. His isolated research led him to discover a place called "The Void", and an impossibly ancient entity known as Kurma the World-Bearer. With the help of this entity, he was able to channel the raw power of The Void through his Power Crystal, which had the side effect of Hybridizing his form with that of a Tortle[2]. When he finally escaped and shared this advancement with his people, they called him mad for changing the physical form of the Foreclaimer so greatly, shunning him from their society. It wouldn't be until centuries after he disappeared, close to the Tragedy, that his methods would be rediscovered and accepted by a few Foreclaimers who called themselves The Cult of Ea.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Though Ea was a Foreclaimer traditionalist in most ways, his associated cult was anything but. Because of the calm nature of The Void, they could receive their Void Crystals well before adulthood. Though they were still extremely efficient and focused, they also possessed what some would call a "mad ambition". They still felt no empathy, but their artistic creativity flourished. They cared for the crippled, disabled, and injured out of a sense of duty, and they made time for extravagant funeral displays for the same reason. They got along alright with all other races, but could still be ruthless and highly efficient when warfare was needed. Being who and what they are, they cannot simply show their faces in Foreclaimer society, but they will still choose hidden tactical locations to live within established Foreclaimer cities and outposts. Everything they do is either to follow "Ea's Example" of constant, radical change, "impress Kurma", or find a way into The Void.

Hyrbrid Traits[edit]

Foreclaimer Hyrbids are a mix between Foreclaimers and another race. They use Void-charged crystals for power themselves. Any non-Foreclaimer racial traits are lost when said Void Crystal is removed.
Ability Score Increase. Due to your hybridized form, your Wisdom score increases by 2, plus half of each of the Ability Score Increases from the other chosen race[3], but you cannot increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.
Age. Your lifespan will be the median average[4] between 900 and the age of the other chosen race, but it cannot fall below 110.
Alignment. Foreclaimer Hybrids naturally tend toward a lawful neutral bias.
Size. Your height/size will be the median average between 6'8 (6'5 for females) and the size of the other chosen race[5].
Speed. Your base walking speed is half the walking speed of the other chosen race[4] plus 15, and other speeds are simply added.
Charged With Sun and Void. When Powered, you do not need to eat, sleep, or drink, nor can you become hungry or thirsty, or be put to sleep via magical effects. When fully Unpowered, this trait is no longer in effect.
Observant. You are proficient in your choice of Perception or Investigation.
Hybridized. You can choose half[5] of your chosen race's traits and all of their subrace traits. You also gain any immunities or weaknesses associated with your chosen race.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and either Primordial or one other language spoken by your chosen race.
Subrace. When a Foreclaimer chooses to obtain a Void Crystal, they have it medically inserted in a similar way to that of a traditional Power Crystal. They must then concentrate on the alternate race of their choosing, and all Void Crystals they use from then on will Hybridize them with that race. Attempting to add a second Void Crystal will rend the Foreclaimer into infinitesimal pieces that are scattered into The Void, killing them instantly and trapping their soul in The Void. The removal of a Void Crystal takes a massive toll on the Foreclaimer's body, and a long rest will be required to cure the triggered paralysis.

Crystal Powers[edit]

Foreclaimer Hybrids are a complex race, depending on two different power sources to maintain their form. This means that there will be different mechanical effects if one or both of them are removed.

When only your Power Crystal is Removed,you only lose your Foreclaimer Hybrid-specific racial bonuses
When only your Void Crystal is Removed,
When both of your Crystals are Removed, you lose all racial bonuses as well as any innate ability to cast spells. After a day, your hybridized appearance will crumble into dust and their black lined will fade, reducing them to a normal unpowered Foreclaimer. You will slowly begin to degrade over 100 years, eventually reducing your lifespan by half.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Hybrid character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Aggressive
2 Cautious
3 Detached
4 Honest
5 Relentless
6 Specialized
7 Suspicious
8 Uncivilized
d6 Ideal
1 Tradition
2 Nature
3 Power
4 The Void
5 Community
6 Knowledge
d6 Bond
1 Lost Item
2 Person(s)
3 Ea
4 Kurma
5 The Void
6 Lost Virtue
d6 Flaw
1 Prejudiced
2 Overzealous
3 Proud
4 Manic
5 Secluded
6 Randy
(one vote)

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