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A "race's compendium" race created by
DM Denubis


The Forbidden are a race very far apart from other races. They are the product of a union of a tiefling and an aasimar. Very often, two Forbidden have almost nothing in common besides their unnatural heritage. This is due to the highly unstable nature of their geneology.

Very rarely are the Forbidden untouched by mutation. Although these mutations are not always harmful, there are many that are.

The Forbidden have no true culture of their own, usually preferring to masquerade as a member of another race. As they have no culture, they also have no lands of their own.

Forbidden characters have the following traiits.[edit]

  • No racial ability modifiers.
  • Medium-size.
  • Land speed 30ft.
  • Darkvision out to 30ft.
  • Racial Skills - +2 to Disquise and Hide.
  • Special Qualities - True Balance (See Below.)
  • Automatic Languages - Common. Bonus Languages - Any besides secret languages such as druidic.
  • Favored Class - Selected at first level.

  • True Balance - A Forbidden represents both good and evil, usually in a horrificly mutated form. However, those who are mutated too terribly usually die from inability to function. This is represented by two lists, Flaws and Merits.
Not all Flaws and Merits are equal. Each has a point value assigned to it. A newly created Forbidden starts with 0 Balance points. Flaws add to the balance, while Merits remove points. The goal is to rebalance the character.
A character cannot be created with a negative Balance value, yet it can be created with a positive Balance (Underpowered.).

Examples Below: - (Please keep in mind, this is a rough draft, off of the top of my head. Give me time, however, and this will become polished and pretty. Yes, pretty.)


  • Hint of Brimstone - The character has a very subtle, yet distasteful, scent of brimstone. Creatures with the scent feat can detect him from twice as far away, and the character takes a -2 penalty to all instances of Diplomacy checks.
(Balance +1) (A slight ability penalty, and a specific case. Not worth much.)
  • Horribly Disfigured - The character is sickening, yet NOT horrifying in appearrance. The character takes a -6 on all Charisma-related skills (besides Intimidate) when detected by any creature that can detect him visually.
(Balance +2) (This character is going to be attacked a lot more, due to the inability to get a point across the table.)
  • Imperfect Flesh - The character's flesh is oddly inferior to most. Although not any more susceptible to punctures and cuts, it does not heal as quickly. The character only regains one half the HP that a human would gain for resting in any given time period.
(Balance +3) (The character has just forsaken the magical power of sleep-healing. Although maybe this is only deserving of a +2... DM's choice, I suppose. If the characters rarely have a chance to rest, this is a null point. If they rest too often, it's also a null point.)
  • Hard of Hearing/Nearsighted - The character's senses are imperfect, due to the oddness of their genetics. The character takes a -4 penalty to either Spot or Listen.
(Balance +1) (Imagine this person standing watch... Have the DM send rogues for some real fun... All of a sudden the party members are disappearring.)
  • Deaf - The character's auditory senses are nonexistant, due to the oddness of their genetics. The character cannot make Listen checks, cannot communicate verbally with party members without Sign Language as a bonus language, and has a spell failure of 30%.
(Balance +4) (I must say, this is a rather serious penalty. But not as bad as....)
  • Meager Fortitude - The character is very sickly, and takes a -3 on all Fortitude saves. (Balance +2)
  • Slow Reflexes - The character often zigs when he should've zagged, and takes a -3 on all Reflex saves.
(Balance +2)
  • Weak Will - The character is very suggestible, and takes a -3 on all Will saves.
(Balance +2)
  • Blind - The character's visual senses are nonexistant due to the oddness of their genetics. The character cannot make Spot checks, cannot read (And therefore cannot prepare spells from a spellbook.), and has a 50% miss rate on all attack rolls. The character also takes a -6 on all Search checks, and cannot aim spells by vision.
(Balance +5) (Few things can be as horrid as losing your sense of sight.)
  • Lunacy = The character's mentality is affected by the changing moon phases. This is represented in a negative Wisdom modifier.
  • New Moon - (+0)
  • Crescent Moon - (-2)
  • Quarter Moon - (-4)
  • Gibbous Moon - (-6)
  • Full Moon - (-8)
(Balance +4) (No Will save, no divine casting, basic insanity.... And it only gets worse with the moon phase.)


(Also off the top of my head, but I'm getting more of a feel for this...)
  • Claws - The character gains two natural claw attacks. The character can attack with both claws as a full attack, or wield one claw as a secondary attack at a -2 penalty. These are natural weapons, and therefore cannot be used for iterative attacks, even if the character's BAB would allow it to.
(Balance -2) (It's like dual-wielding daggers that you can use only once in a round. However, they can never be disarmed.)
  • Naturally Tough - The character's HD increase by one size, up to a maximum of a d12.
(Balance -6) (Very good ability, and might even be disallowed, but I threw it in for the hell of it. Besides, half-dragons get it for free, along with massive other abilities. Figured that for the penalty, it might be balanced.)
  • Positive Energy Focus - The character, for whatever reason, radiates a small bit of positive energy. This energy field reaches out to twenty feet. It heals living creatures 1 HP/round and damages undead 1 HP/round. This effect does not affect the character himself.
(Balance -12) (Might be a harsh number, but think about what he's gaining.)
  • Negative Energy Focus - The character, for whatever reason, radiates a small bit of negative energy. This energy field reaches out to twenty feet. It damages living creatures 1 HP/round and heals undead 1 HP/round. This effect does not affect the character himself.
(Balance -12) (Might be a harsh number, but think about what he's gaining. Especially if he's an evil cleric.)
  • Outsider Blood - The character's type changes to outsider.
(Balance -4)
  • Great Fortitude/Lightning Reflexes/Iron Will - Gains one as a bonus feat.
(Balance -2)
  • Athletic - The character is very athletic, and good at getting where he needs to go. The character gains a +2 to Balance, Climb, Jump, and Swim checks.
(Balance - 2) (Four decent skill bonuses, but not GREAT skills.)
  • Natural Leader - The character is very charismatic, and people aspire to follow him/her. If the character gains the Leadership feat, he gains a +3 modifier to his leadership modifier.
(Balance -1) (Can't attract a cohort higher in level than him anyhow. Howver, it can help balance a negative charisma.)
  • Lucky - The character, for unknown reasons, is extraordinarily lucky. The character gains a +1 Luck bonus to all saving throws.
(Balance -3) (One of the major reasons to play a halfling, in my opinion. Also equal to the feat Luck of Heroes).

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