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Physical Description[edit]

resembling humanoid flowers, they tend to have rather toothy maws, their limbs such as they are, tend to be long, lean and viney, covered in thorns


An artificially created race made by inserting a creature's animus, their guiding life force into a flower, the lack of a soul makes them quite brutual and vicious, clearly lacking empathy and emotions. They were first created by accident when a archmage was trying to save the life of a king's son, only for their creation to escape into the world, wondering what had happened to it. Since then, they have spread quite well


Usually living alone near humanoids they can torment, they sometimes gather in groups of their kind, living in a small communities where they work together for their own gain. Their communities tend to be loosely organized and split apart once the group feels they no longer need each other or they become bored with certain members. Despite their homicidal nature, they tend to get along quite well with others of their own kind

Flowey Names[edit]



Flowey Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. your strength, charisma and dexterity increase by 1"-->
Alignment. floweys tend to be of evil alignments with no favorites between neutrality, chaos or law
Size. your size is small
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet. burrow speed 15 feet
darkvision 60 feet. you can see in darkness
friendliness pellets. you can cast magic missile as a spell like ability once per day
poison resistance. you have a +5 bonus on ac and saves against poison effects
soulless. when you are targeted by a death effect, you can roll the saving throw twice and pick the result
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice. >


1: I see life as a game where I have all the answers 2: I see everyone as full of sin and see lies where they are not there 3: I find sentient creatures weird and distrust them 4: Murder is another word for fun to me 5: I have a irrational hatred of a particular race 6: I don't like being helped. At all

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