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A race bred from squids. They bear a resembelance to mindflayers, though they'd rather not have that distinction.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6'00"-7'00"
Average Weight: 80-120 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Deep Speech
Skill Bonuses: +2 Dungeoneering, +2 History or Arcana
Hive mind: You can give one player an extra standard, move, or minor action for them to use on their next turn. Usable once per encounter. You cannot give it to yourself.
Fragile: A crit drops you to bloodied value, or if already bloodied, drop to 1 HP.
Tentacles: You cannot wield two-handed weapons; you are proficient with the khopesh.
Dominance: After every short rest, you can decide whether your mind, body, or soul is dominant.

Mind Dominant- Your body softly glows purple and can sense any thinking creature within 5 squares. You gain the power "Hijack Mind". Also, when you give an ally a standard action, they gain a +1 bonus to any one dice roll involved

Body Dominant- Your skin turns brownish and you gain tremorsense 5. You gain the power "Force Ripple". You also gain a +1 to constitution

Soul Dominant- Your head crackles with a nimbus of energy that brightly lights an area with a radius of 5 squares. You gain the power "Lightning Storm". You also gain a +1 bonus to charisma.

Hijack Mind Flayerkin Racial Power
You reach out to a foe and hijack part of their mind for your own purposes.
Encounter Star.gif Psychic, implement
Minor Action Ranged 5
Prerequisite: Your mind must be dominant
Target: One creature
Effect: Roll a d10. On a 6 or higher, you dominate one enemy.

Force Ripple Flayerkin Racial Power
You create waves of force to batter your enemy and it's allies
Encounter Star.gif Force, Implement
Standard Action Melee 1
Prerequisite: Your body must be dominant
Primary Target: One creature
Attack: Int. Vs. Ref.
Hit: 2d4 + Dexterity modifier damage and make a secondary attack
Secondary Target: All creatures adjacent to primary target
Secondary Attack: Dex. Vs. Ref..
Hit: 1d4 damage

Lightning Storm Flayerkin Racial Power
An enemy's hit releases all of the energy pent up inside your body.
Encounter Star.gif Lightning, Implement
Immediate Reaction Area 5
Trigger: You are bloodied by an attack
Prerequisite: Your soul must be dominant
Target: All enemies in burst
Effect: 3d4 + wisdom modifier damage

Flayerkin are very similar to mindflayers in every respect except for the fact that they despise the comparison. They are extremely knowledgeable and magical.

Play a Flayerkin if you want...

  • To use big words
  • To seem mysterious and aloof
  • To hate mindflayers
  • To know everything about everything
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Wizard, Psion, and Invoker classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Flayerkin have pale blue mottled skin and large, globular heads. Their long tentacles have a multitude of suckers on the end and their mouth is circular with teeth around the rim. Their similarity in looks caused the first observers to name the race "flayerkin", but they are actually not related to mindflayers at all. Native to the underdark, flayerkin were originally bred by kuotoa from a large type of squid. The squid could control the color of it's skin, so flayerkin were bred for stealth missions, or to open the way for a kuotoa mob. However, the flayerkin eventually gave up skin-color manipulation for greater intelligence, though some still retain that ability. They used their superior intelligence to escape the kuotoa, and soon found themselves vying for territory with the equally intelligent mindflayers. These conflict gave rise to a universal hate for mindflayers by the flayerkin.

Playing a Flayerkin[edit]

A Flayerkin's personality depends on which aspect of their being is dominant. These aspects always exist, but only come to the surface when they are needed. With body dominant, a flayerkin is usually not very talkative and would rather solve a problem with action rather than thought. With mind dominant, flayerkin are maddeningly logical. They work only in facts and always use the option that has the best chance of success, with no regard for other people's principles, and are very difficult to anger. With soul dominant, flayerkin are overly emotional and empathetic and are easily roused into a rage.

Flayerkin Characteristics: Emotional, sympathetic, logical, calm, determined

Names: Any from another race (they absorb names from other nearby cultures and, though they have gender, do not distinguish between male and female names)

Flayerkin Adventurers[edit]

Two sample flayerkin adventurers are described below.

Cairn is a flayerkin invoker. She and her father survived a mindflayer attack on their village in the underdark, but her father died soon after arriving on the surface. Cairn joined a tribe of dwarfs and soon became a powerful invoker for their gods. She named herself after her father's burial place to remind herself of the mindflayer's evil.

Fain is a flayerkind rouge. He lived his first years as a mindflayer's slave. He soon escaped by strength of will and was captured by the nearby drow city. There, his masters realized his worth and trained him as a rouge. With his new skills, Fain assassinated his former master's matron mother and they (he and his former master) fled together. They now wander the underdark hunting mindflayer hives.

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