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Symbol: A burning skull
Home Plane:
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Fire, Chaos, Evil
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Abyss (Pyrolmixkor)
Favored Weapon: Heavy flail

Many young clerics of other houses ask the question, what is the differance between brewing favour with deamons and worshiping the fire house. The answer is always as follows: The name. The fire house teaches the impermanent nature of all things that are. All will turn to either the fire of chaos or the eternal cold of changeless order. Grab power! Seize souls! LET ALL THE PLANES BURN!!! Clerics are not chosen, they chose. Clerics discover the cult whilst seaking power and are granted it either by the house as a whole or by one deamon. Either way they are always forced to give far more than they take. To become a fire cleric is to sell your soul. Clerics wear dirty red robes. There are no ceremonies other than sacrifices.


Clergy and Temples[edit]

None of the clerics make much of an issue about specific dieties, in fact many have no idea who they are sponsored by. Living creatures are sacrificed, often by burning.


Lands of Blamakar

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