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Wondrous Item, rare

Fightstarters superficially resemble Firestarters; a bundle of enchanted herbs dried and assembled into flammable rods. Unlike firestarters, however, Fightstarters only ignite under high temperatures.

Instead, the spark that sets off a Fightstarter is malice. If a Fightstarter is removed from its pack, it will "ignite" into purple, maleficent sparks should it detect someone's aggressive thoughts within a 60 foot radius. Similarly, a person aware of the Fightstarter's nature can activate it at will simply by focusing anger at it. Once a fightstarter ignites, the purple sparks will consume it over the course of 1 round, releasing an invisible energy that infects everyone in a 60 foot radius. There is no save to resist being infected. When someone is infected by the Fightstarter, they will have the urge to start a fight with someone they are angry at. They must make a Wisdom save if there is they can see someone they dislike when initially infected, as well as another Wisdom save every time someone angers them. The DC save varies depending on the nature of the slight; a DC of 10 if someone did something that the infected found slightly upsetting recently, to a maximum DC of 16 if the infected was outright attacked by another infected. Once you succeed on a Wisdom save in this manner, you automatically succeed any other Wisdom saving throws of equal or lower DC caused by the fightstarter.

Should you fail your Wisdom save, you will enter a violent rage, your aggressive thoughts being amplified beyond logic. At the start of the round, you can make another Wisdom save with the same DC to calm down. The infection is lost if you can remain calm for 1 minute. Similar to a firestarter, a fightstarter can set off an explosive conflagration that leaves nothing in its wake.

Fightstarters come in a pack of up to 6 in a bundle.

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