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The Imperium has a simple code; Duty, Obedience, Fealty. Any exemptions will be rewarded with a swift public execution...
—Vello Yoives, Half-fiend Fanatic of Emperor Magnus, Memoirs of the Imperium Flame

The path of Fanaticism is wrought with decisions, and however you might choose your way will affect those who follow you into battle.

Becoming a Fanatic[edit]

You are a seasoned veteran, the battlefield is your home. Yet you are not sated by simply holding the front lines. Your burning desire to bring the words of your knowledge to the invading heretics has granted you the boon of your deity, and the blessing of your ideals. Whether you skirt the sides of the battlefield and cause devastation in the name of your lords, or stand among your like-minded comrades as you tear down the enemy line; your purpose is to cause shock and awe in the name of your deity and the name of faith. Similar to a Cleric or Anti-paladin, you main role is as a divine soldier swearing fealty to your god and your emperor.

Entry Requirements
Alignment: Any.
Base Attack Bonus: +10.
Race: any.
Skills: Religion; 10 ranks. Spell Craft; 10 ranks.
Patron: Any
Special: Must have spent 2 years minimum serving in any great war. Must have favour in some form from chosen deity and must worship or study their religion/cult. Non-divine deities are usable at GM discretion.
Table: The Fell Bringer

Hit Die: d10

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +1 +1 +1 Magic/Might/Myth, Aura of Command
2nd +2 +2 +2 +2 Bonus Feat (combat)
3rd +3 +3 +3 +3 Fist of Fanaticism, Brilliance/Berserk/Boon
4th +4 +4 +4 +4 Bonus Feat (Combat)
5th +5 +5 +5 +5 Bonus Feat (any)
6th +6 +6 +6 +6 Form/Forge/Faith, Banner of Belief
7th +7 +7 +7 +7 Bonus Feat (combat)
8th +8 +8 +8 +8 Blast/Bash/Bless, Banner of Code
9th +9 +9 +9 +9 Bonus Feat (combat)
10th +10 +10 +10 +10 Wrath, Aspect of the Zealous

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level)

Class Features[edit]

Fanatics are proficient in all types of Armour, Simple & Martial weapons, and shields (except Tower Shields)

Magic/Might/Myth: At level one a player can choose only one of the listed skill paths and start the Fanatic's journey. Once chosen these cannot be re-chosen.

MAGIC: You gain a caster level equal to your current character level -5 in a chosen Arcane class, eg Sorceror, Wizard etc. You gain all spells available to that class and a spells per day table accordingly. If you have an existing Arcane spell-casting class you may instead just add an additional caster level to that class with no penalties as you level the Fanatic Prestige. Upon taking this path u received a permanent +5 on checks made by arcane spells, but receive a -5 on checks made by any other type. You also are granted a HD8 for this class instead of HD10. No longer class proficient with heavy armour. Suffer a Permanent -1 to Fortitude and gain a permanent +1 to Will.

MIGHT: You forfeit all your magical experience and lose the ability to cast spells, even of your existing classes. If you never had the ability to cast spells you take a permanent -2 to intelligence. Upon choosing the path of might you treat your Fanatic Level as your fighter level for all bonus feats gained. You also receive a permanent +1 to both Strength and Constitution, You also are granted a HD12 for this class instead of HD10. Suffer a Permanent -1 to Will and gain a +1 to Reflex.

MYTH: You gain a caster level equal to your current character level -5 in a chosen Divine class, eg Cleric, Druid etc. You gain all spells available to that class and a spells per day table accordingly. If you have an existing Divine spell-casting class you may instead just add an additional caster level to that class with no penalties as you level the Fanatic Prestige. Upon taking this path u received a permanent +5 on checks made by Divine spells, but receive a -5 on checks made by any other type. Your HD10 remains normal. You must also choose a deity to worship, you may only worship this deity and no other. Any deities you are already worshipping can be chosen, but only one (All others are abandoned). Now Class proficient with Tower Shields. Suffer a permanent -1 to reflex and gain a +1 to Fortitude.

Aura of Command: You radiate a perpetual aura of your alignment. All creatures in a 20ft radias of you, that share one alignment, are granted a +2 on initiative and +5 to moral. If they share both alignments they are granted immunity to fear, charm, and compulsion effects as long as you are not under the same effects (you are not immune).

Brilliance/Berserk/Boon: This is the next step in the Fanatic's path. These may only be chosen once and only one can be chosen. The chosen can not be changed.

BRILLIANCE: You gain a bonus feat this level and every 3rd level after (max 3 feats). These can only be taken from the Metamagic List. In addition, once per day you may re-roll any roll and choose the better result when casting an Arcane spell.

BERSERK: You gain a bonus feat this level and every 3rd level after (max 3 feats). These can only be taken from the Combat List. In addition, 3 times each day, you may enter a frenzy as if effected by the RAGE spell.

BOON: You gain a Domain from the Cleric's list this level and every 3rd level after (max 3 domains). You may only choose domains from your deities portfolio. You gain all benefits a cleric would from these domains, replacing cleric with Fanatic for relevent mechanics. In addition, once per day, you may request a boon from chosen Deity. This is a blast of energy from the sky of Positive/Negative repective to deities alignment (positive = Good) and deals 6d6 damage to yourself or ally. Healing yourself or ally if you/ally are in the exact alignment as chosen deity. This is not a Spell like ability. Deities may choose to ignore your request if fail a religion check of DC30.

Fist of Fanaticism: A number of time per day equal to half your Fanatic level, you may consentrate an attack from your primal Fanaticism. Depending on what your path has become depends on your Fist.

Magic + Brilliance = Your spell unerringly hits its mark and has its full spell effect cast with no save. It can not crit.

Magic + Berserk = Your next spell is amplified to twice its rolled effectiveness with a -5 on hit chance. Does not stack with any True strike or unerring effects.

Magic + Boon = You may cast any spell-like ability from your domains as if it were a prepared spell from your spellbook, it also will remain in your spell book for 24hrs before vanishing. Might + Brilliance = You gain a +5 insight bonus on attack against a single foe and a +1 to threat range for 3 minutes when striking chosen foe ore anything that shares a subtype.

Might + Berserk = Whilst in frenzy you may wield any weapon 1 size catagory larger with no penalties. This is passive ability and does not have a daily limit.

Might + Boon = You may use Rally as per Warlord's Rally (Su) with exeptions that Flagged forces are concidered any ally and can be used as per Fist of Fanaticism descriptor.

Myth + Brilliance = You Instantly succeed any check made for your chosen Deity and their religion.

Myth + Berserk = You flail through the battlefield striking down heretics. You gain a +10 on attack rolls against anthying indentified as opposite your deities allignment for 3mins and are under the effects of RAGE for the duration. You suffer a 1 min daze afterwards. Myth + Boon = You enhance your weapon and all allies weapons within 30ft with the Holy/Unholy + Anarchic/Axiomatic enhancment for 1hr according to your dieties alignment. Aternitively, you may just enhance a single weapon and have the duration last 2hrs.

Bonus Feat:

Form/Forge/Faith: FORM: Whenever using a Metamagic feat to alter a spell you may make a Spellcraft check DC40 to attempt to add an additional effect for free. Failure results in an instant spell failure and loss of that turn. If you have no Metamagic feats you may instead select one and have all spells cast immediatly be cast as if under this effect, but you may never choose a metamagic feat again.

FORGE: You have learned that creation can be just as destructive. You gain profficiancy with any weapon you crafted, if you already have profficiancy, you gain focus. These effect do not stack with feats and do not act as prequisites for higher feats. In addition any arms or armour crafted cost only half their gp requirement and take 1/3 crafting time. However if the full GP and Crafting time is spent they gain an additional +1 enhancement that you are able to perform at no additional cost. (EG. Flaming is a +1 enhancment and may be applied, Flame burst may not as it requires +2). Fanatic is now considered a crafting class.

FAITH: Your faith in your religion is faltless, and others know it. You gain a perminant +10 to morality checks and your aura of command radiates a further 30ft. In addition, your allies are granted Immunity to Sleep, Stun, and Paralyze for as long as you are not affected.

Banner of Belief: You can craft a battle standard for 3000gp once per week emblazoned with symbols of your beliefs. It may be worn on your back or planted into the battlefield. It radiates an aura around it that has evolved as you Fanatic's path has developed. The Banner has 25hp and is crafted using one material componant, granting it the hardness of that material. It may be used as a masterwork spear but cannot be enchanted or thrown. Banner auras do not stack with other banner of the same aura. This aura grants allies in a 60ft radius the folowing effects.

Magic: +2 Intelligence + 2 Wisdom

Might: +2 strength +2 Constitution

Myth: +2 Wisdom +1 Constitution +1 Dexterity

Brilliance: +10 on attack rolls with spells

Berserk: +10 on Damage rolls with Mellee Weapons

Boon: +20ft movement speed and an additonal move action per turn

Form: Banner has a Halberd axe at its top, and is considered a Masterwork halberd for all melee purposes

Forge: Banner is indestructable. it loses 1% effectiveness for each health lost (max 25%)

Faith: Aura range increased to 120ft and effects increase by 10%. Banner has 10HP instead of 25. Banner can no longer be used as weapon.

Blast/Bash/Bless: The final stage in the Fanatics journey, they are faced with the ultimate choice. Upon encountering a character with alignment opposite the Fanatic's deity, the fanatic may choose to attempt one of the following as a free action only once per target.

BLAST: The Fanatic attempts to blast the heretic into a smouldering heap. As a touch attack the Fanatic may attempt to destroy the target. A successfull roll requires d20 + IntMod + 1/2 Fanatic Level, against targets AC + CR + Will. A successfull 'Blast' completely destroys the target as if by effect of disintergrate.

BASH: The Fanatic attempts to bash in the skull of the heretic in attempt to kill or convert. As an attack the fanatic may attempt to deal lethal or non lethal damage to the target. If the Fanatic attempts to kill, they are granted a free action attack against a target within their immediate reach with no save and at half the target AC. If they attempt to convert they must make a standard action attack to intimidate the target with a successful roll of d20 + StrMod + Intimidate against targets 1/2AC + CR + Fort. Successful conversion places the target under command of Fanatic as if under Dominate Person spell.

Bless: The fanatic believes in mercy, or rather the doctrate of "Joins us or dies!". As a touch attack the Fanatic may attempt to convert a target creature to their faith. A successful roll requires d20 + CharMod + 1/2 Fanatic level, against targets AC + CR + Will. Successfully converting someone converts their alignment into the Fanatics deities own and makes them a loyal servent of the religion. They take commands willingly from both the Fanatic and the deity as if under effect of Charm. Willing convertees recieve no save and recieve a temporary +5 to all ability scores for 24hrs. A failed conversion frenzies the fanatic and prevents the fanatic from targeting anyone else until the failed target is dead.

Banner of Code: Your Banner of Belief is marked with the symbol of your path's destination. It gains the additional benifits accordningly.

BLAST: The banner radiates an energy of your choice and inflicts those around it within 15ft 2d6 points of damage at the begining of their turn. The banner will also copy a spell you cast with the same energy type (max lvl6) and with the duration of immediate at a random target (other than yourself and allies within banner aura) with unerring acuracy if you succeed the original spell.

BASH: You decorate your Banner with the severed heads of heretics and mark it in their blood. Your banner aura casts Fear on any enemy that enters a 15ft radius around it. It will also grant your allies the ability to Rage whilst within the full radius of the aura. It gains Large weapon catagory and is considered a masterwork great axe instead of spear.

BLESS: Your Banner is marked with the symbol of your deity. All allies within the Aura recieve profficiancy with that deities favoured weaon and if they share the deities alignment then they recieve fast healing +5. The ground covered by the aura is considered hallowed with respect to the chosen deity. Any deaths within this aura will trigger a judgement. Any worshippers of deity recieve a chance to be ressurected immediatly on rolling a natural 20. with half their max HP and no penalties from death. This effect can only occurr once per year per target. Any 'heretics' must roll a d20 and if critical fail with a 2 or 1, will have their soul tethered to the banner's aura until released by the fanatic or otherwise.

Wrath: You call down the wrath of your pure fanatacism. Corresponding to the fist step in your path you are given a spell like ability accordingly.

Wrath of Magic: the fanatic charges a powerfull beam that exhausts all remaining pool points or spells per day available. The beam becomes more powerful each turn charged and multiplies by the number of turns taken. The beam is pure distruction magic and has no saves against it. It deals 1d10/Fanatic lvl x turns charged (max 5) + IntMod. It is a 10ft radius cylinder the emmits from the caster's chest. Travels 100ft in a straight line and at light speed. Each turn charging this requires a check of 1d20 + Intelligence score, against DC40. Each turn opens the caster to attacks of opportunity, and also multiplies the effects by the turns spent (eg. 5 turns charged would equate to a 50d10 damage beam, 50ft radius, 500ft range). Any creature caught in the beams path that survives must make a fortitude save or lose any remaining hp. The direction of the beam must be chosen before charged and cannot change. After use the caster falls unconcious and must rest a full rest period before waking.

Wrath of Might: Upon reaching negative hit points the fanatic enrages and becomes infused with the strength of all that is mighty. He is instantly healed a 1/4 of his total HP and starts healing HP equal to his BAB + HD x 2 each turn for 5 turns and cannot drop below 1hp. Even at full hp the Fanatic gains temporary hit points accordingly. During this frenzy, the Fanatic doubles his strength and Dexterity, and gains a natural armour bonus of +4. He may make an additional attack with every attack he makes. After the 5 turns are up the Fanatic takes damage equal to the half the total health gained over the duration (minus the initial 1/4). He loses any other benefits the frenzy granted him, but is otherwise fine. This cannot take effect more than once ever 5 days.

Wrath of Myth: Your devotion to your faith prompts your deity to step into the battlefield and fight by yourside, well... at least in essence. As a free action, once a month and after a worthy sacrifice has been made, you may call down the divine power of your divine faith. A blast of pure negative/positive energy falls from the sky and explodes in a 100ft radius dealing 10d10 damage to all in the area. You may have it heal energy apropriate creatures, otherwise it wont effect them. As the blast clears you have summoned with it. 1d6 creatures from your deities plane equal to the greater summon creature spell, as well as one Champion of Faith. The smaller creatures can be any non-specific creature from that plain with a level lower than your own, and the Champion of faith may be any non-specific creature at maximum level of one greater than your own. These summons obey your every command and cannot be turned against you except by a deity with equal or greater power than your own.

Aspect of the Zealous: You have reached the pinical of fanatacism, you litterally burn the non-believers. You perminantly recieve the following abilities.

MAGIC: True Seeing, Spell resist +20, Your intelect can no longer recieve any penalties, Meta Magic Affinity (unless you chose FORM), Immunity to Charm, Polymorph and Madness.

MIGHT: Blind Sight, Damage Resist +20, your strength can no longer recieve any penalties, Proficiancy with all arms and armour (unless already do), Immunity to Fear, Stagger, Flanking.

MYTH: Your attacks against opposite alligned creatures act as if that creature had smite cast on them, Dmg res +10, Spell resist + 10, your Charisma can no longer recieve penalties, Immunity to Negative/Positive energy (accordingly opposite to deity's alignment), Fear, Charm.

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Characters with ranks in can research to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
11 .
16 .
21 .
26 .

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