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Swift, playful creatures, trapped between the burdens of their heritage...

Racial Traits
Average Height: 4’2”-4’6”
Average Weight: 60-75 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Perception, +2 Acrobatics

Felinoids aren't widely known of, but where they are, dark rumors about demons usually spring up about them. Felinoids are great unarmed fighters, as well as talented druids. They keep well away from most of the races in fear of being attacked, but anyone who's met a felinoid could easily say that they aren't demons, because no infernal creature could stand being playful , nevermind where anyone could see them.

Play a Felinoid if you want...

  • to be a small, yet strong, creature.
  • to be playful, like a cat.
  • to be able to fight without the need for large weapons or heavy armor.
  • to be a member of a race that favors the monk and diminian classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Felinoids are small, averaging at 4', around the size of a halfling or a human child. Usually have White or black ears and tails. Most commonly have blonde hair, but sometimes have light brown or gray hair. Have blue and green eyes, sometimes gray or brown. Have a slight fuzz all over their body, the same color as their ears and tails. Unlike most races, Felinoids' legs are the same length as their arms, making them exceptionally fast on all fours. Felinoids tend to wear what makes them most comfortable, Sometimes even using the plants around them for materials for . Their hands and feet are small and paw-like, even having small claws. Have sharp teeth that can cut through most rope, and if necessary, flesh.

Playing an Felinoid[edit]

Felinoids are, as their names describe, feline. They tend to stick to forests near rivers, with their own kind. This is probably because some members of the other races have treated them like "demons" because of their cat-like appearance. Because of this, felinoids haven't had contact with any of the other races for centuries, hence the legends of demons having animal characteristics. The reason felinoids have human traits is because of an elf named Arflarad. Arflarad was obsessed with nature and its beauty. He was absolutely disgusted that humans were destroying forests to build simple homes. So he took two cats, Sorla and Maro, and strung their traits with human characteristics. He then asked this new race to extinguish the humans and to take their place, but Sorla and Maro were greatly offended. They reminded Arflarad that everything was of nature, even the dwarves that dwelled in their mines. Furious, Arflarad attacked them with magic, shocked to find that trees and streams around him weren't following his commands. Instead the felinoids were bending life and water all around him, and soon had him pinned to the ground. Sorla, the Black waters, and Maro, the White vines, soon took their place in the world, and the felinoids flourished in their own private habitats. Legends say that Alflarad's actions that day turned him evil, and so his descendants would one day become the dark elves...

Felinoid Characteristics: Agile, playful, curious, fast, cat-like, outgoing, friendly, nimble, optimistic, good natured, surprisingly intelligent.

Male Names: Corsby, Escar, Zorro, Zorron, Slovlby, Loxlby, Chin.

Female Names: Marie, Ensla, Enla, Sola, Marina, Chan.

Felinoid Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Felinoid adventurers are described below.

Escar is a felinoid diminian. He wanders felinoid land sightseeing, sometimes being chased off by travelers because of his appearance, and other times getting free meals from it. His people seemed to solve their own problems, and for the longest time there was peace. Until, one day, a mysterious figure came and set him on an extraordinary adventure...

Enla is a felinoid thief. Born and raised in human cities was enough without everyone yelling "Demon!" at her. She had no choice but to act- she used her dark fuzz to help camouflage her in the dark, and her good vision to locate valuables. Then, using her cat-like reflexes, climbed up to the top of buildings, snuck through windows. Soon she will have to take judgement from the tyrant controlling the surrounding lands...

Loxlby is a very laid back druid, not caring much for the world around him. He could create his own food, make houses by stringing trees together, nothing could have gone wrong. Except, of course, for an invasion upon felinoid lands. Dragonborn and human adventurers were enraged that such an "abomination" of man and animal existed, and therefor teamed up to eliminate the "demons". Now it is time for Loxlby's last stand. Will he protect his people, who know nothing of war, defend themselves? Or will he just sit back, relax, and watch the felinoid race perish?

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