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False Elves[edit]

"We Are Elves"

Physical Description[edit]

False Elves are born a different race and use magical and physical deformation to become elves. What ever race they looked like before, they still look like. Their eyes are usually green, or a golden yellow. Their hair is long and thin. And they cut their eyes to make them pointy like elves. The transformation take a lot of energy out of the body, and their skin becomes pale, or diseased.


Elves were praised for just being elves. Their society, race, community, magic, history, and their lives were just so interesting to these people. They wanted to be elves. They were born a different race but through the use of physical deformation and magic, they have transformed themselves to false elves. Actual elves look down on this race, and rarely communicate with them. People who become false elves venture off in the woods and start their own community of False Elves


The society is mostly like elves with hints of aspects from their old lives. Who ever appears, behaves, and thinks the most like an elf is usually the community leader.

False Elf Names[edit]

They usually keep the last name of the race they were born in. But they change their first name to an elven name

False Elf Traits[edit]

{{5e Racial Traits |summary= |abilities=Your Dexterity score increases by 1 and your Wisdom increases by 1." |age= Your age is the same as your born race |alignment= You try to be neutral in everything but if that doesn't work, you usually do the wrong thing. Your alignment is Neutral Evil |size= Your size is the same size as the race you are born in. |speed=Your base walking speed is <speed> feet. Through magic, your walking speed is 35 feet |trait1= My Race |description1= You have one trait of your choice from the race you were born in. |trait2= Magic Mishap |description2= You have disadvantage against radiant magic |trait3= |description3= |trait4= |description4= |trait5= |description5= |languages= You speak, common, elvish, and you can understand, and read the language of your race

Height and Weight[edit]

Your height and weight come from your race. Through magic you may grow a foot or two taller.

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