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As the masked man walks toward your cell, you realize the bucket he is carrying is either really cold, or smoking hot. Seeing as there is a branding iron sticking out of it, you assmume it to be the latter. Off to the left of the masked brander is another masked man holding what seems to be a gun. It looks like no gun you have ever seen, and has a strange substance in the the chamber and a strange, needle-like barrel. He opens your cage, and says "Hold still, this will only hurt for a second." Then he jabs the needle into your arm and pulls the trigger. This doesn't hurt at all, and your feel quite drowsy...

When you finally awake, you are still in the cell, bu the door is wide open, and you clothes are laying on your cot. Your move to get off the dirty floor, but wince in pain as the spot wear the needle-man stabbed you. You look at the spot on your arm, and see a M with a circle around it branded onto your flesh. You take it that means your time here is done, and you put on your clothes and leave the cell block.

A Faction mark is the a house brand that is applied to any illegal mage caught by the house. The most often appearing brand is a M in a circle, the brand of the House of Miheath, because of the Miheathean Hunters who bring in most of the Illegal Mages on the Island of Ilyon.


  • All of the Faction Brands are permanent.
  • A Faction Brand, or approval of a Guild, is needed to be able to practice magic on the Island of Ilyon.
  • They are completly free.
  • Looks like a cool prison tattoo.

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