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Eyes of the lord[edit]

You have reached the epitome of your race, becoming worthy of being called Father or Mother of your race, for that reason by your supernatural effort even for your own race you have obtained the ability called "The eyes of the Lord."

Requirements: Strength 20, Constitution 20, level 20, passive perception of 21, proficiency in perception.

You also gain following benefits these benefits are lost if you are blind and have no eyes and recharge after a long break after being used.

This Boon activates as an action

Eye of God:

  • You get true sight of 200 feet

  • You become proficient on all saving throws as long as you can see.

  • You get a natural armor of 10 + Constitution modifier + Wisdom modifier + your proficiency modifier.

  • You get the Evasion ability but with the change that works on all saves as long as they depend on your sight like the breath of a dragon, a spell, or an ability that tells you to make a saving throw while you can see it.

Image and likeness:

  • You can copy any ability or spell that you can see including legendary actions up to a maximum of your constitution modifier as an action, additional action or as a reaction. You can save them but you will need to activate the "eyes of the lord" each time you use them.

These skills are stored in "Apples of Eden"

  • Your number of Apples of Eden is equal to your Constitution modifier.

  • A skill or spell costs one Apples of Eden
  • A legendary action costs two Apples of Eden.

In case of copy a spell, your ability to cast those spells will be your wisdom.

This ability lasts equal to your round constitution modifier but if you want to use it beyond your limit. For each round used beyond your limit, you gain one level of exhaustion up to a maximum of four levels of exhaustion. If you reach the fourth level, your eyes are exploded, losing sight and all the effects of the Eye of the Lord. This can only be returned with a wish spell.

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