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Creating a Extra-Armed[edit]

"extra-armed" is an inherited template that can be added to any living, corporeal aberration, fey, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, magical beast, or outsider that has discernable arms (hereafter referred to as the base creature). A extra-armed creature has all the base creature's characteristics except as noted here.

Size and Type[edit]

Type remains unchanged.

  Limit on Additional Arms: The number of pairs of arms possible for a extra-armed creature is based on the base creature's size.

Base Creature Size Maximum Additional Pairs of Arms Up to Medium-size 1 Large 3 Huge 7 Gargantuan 13 Colossal 19


If the base creature has a climb or swim speed, it gains an additional 10 feet of the appropriate speed. If the base creature has a burrow speed and it uses its hands to do so, it adds 10 feet to its burrow speed.

Armor Class[edit]

Natural armor bonus increases by +1 per additional pair of arms.


A base creature with a claw, slam, or tentacle attack gains one additional such attack for each additional arm. This additional attack has the same attack bonus as its counterpart in the base creature.


Str +2 per additional pair of arms.


An extra-armed creature gains a +2 racial bonus on climb checks for each additional pair of arms.


An extra-armed creature that can use weapons gains the Multiweapon Fighting feat.


As base creature.



Challenge Rating[edit]

The extra-armed creature's Challenge Rating depends upon how many additional pairs of arms it has.

  Number of Additional Pairs of Arms	CR Adjustment
  1					+2
  2-3					+3
  4-6					+4
  7-9					+5
  10-12					+6
  13-16					+7
  17-19					+8



Level Adjustment[edit]

Level Adjustment: An extra-armed creature's level adjustment depends on the number of pairs arms it has, as given on the table below. These figures assume the base creature has sufficient Intelligence to be a player character.

  Number of Additional Pairs of Arms	Level Adjustment
  1					+2
  2-3					+3
  4-6					+4
  7-9					+5
  10-12					+6
  13-16					+7
  17-19					+8

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