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Ethereal Armor: This Armor can be dismissed to the Ethereal Plane at will, where it then patiently follows you around, waiting to be summoned.

This armor can be dismissed as a swift action with a command word. Summoning it back is also a swift action. However, once summoned, the armor takes a full round to appear, so you do not gain any benefits or penalties until one round later.

If you are ever inside an antimagic field, or your armor is magically suppressed (on the material plane), then you simply cannot summon or dismiss it. If it is so targeted on the ethereal plane, then it materializes on you with no warning. If it is so targeted on the ethereal plane, and you are within an antimagic field on the material plane, then it crashes to the "ground" on the ethereal plane, and can only be recovered by plane-shifting and picking it up.

Also, if the armor is ethereal when you plane-shift to anywhere other than the ethereal plane, then it crashes to the "ground" on the ethereal plane, exactly where you left it. It must be recovered by Plane-Shifting and picking it up.

Note: the armor can only be summoned/dismissed by the last person who donned it.

Even when on the ethereal plane, this armor has no effect against the touch attack of ghosts.


The enhancement bonus (and only the enhancement bonus) of the Ethereal Armor applies against incorporeal touch attacks while on the ethereal plane (this does not apply to other touch attacks, only those of ghosts and other incorporeal creatures' natural touch attack).

Strong Conjuration;CL 9; leomund's secret chest, ethereal jaunt, or plane shift; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Arcane Caster Level 9th; Market Price: +2 bonus

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