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This staff is made entirely of carved Darkwood, with a glowing, hollowed-out ruby, filled with liquid fire at one end. The ruby sheds light as a continual flame torch. If half the charges are drained, the light halves. If all charges are drained, the light goes out.

The staff has 50 charges maximum, and recharges by absorbing ambient heat and light from nearby sources. In the vicinity of a torch or lamp the staff recharges 1/hour, near campfire or similar sized flame 3/hour. direct sunlight however, is the most effective at 5 charges per hour. The staff allows use of the following spells:

Also, if the staff is ever broken, all remaining charges are released. Flames explode outwards, as the Fireball spell, dealing 1d6 damage per charge in the staff (round up).

Since the staff absorbs heat from the surrounding area, it may not regain charges if no such heat is available. Night time and underground areas, while providing heat, lack the proper amount to charge the staff.

Cost: 18,780 GP

Prerequisites: Craft Staff; Craft Wondrous Item; Burning Hands; Scorching Ray; Fireball; Continual Flame; Arcane CL 11

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