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Eternal Staff: The eternal staff was created by me some time ago for a planned campaign that was never run that had many ideas mooched from the Eberron campaign setting.

All such staves are made of carved, seamless wood, though they feel a bit heavier than they ought to. This is because of the Eberron dragonshard at their core. There are two grades of Eternal Staves:

  • Lesser - 5 charges, recharge 1.5/day, maximum spell level 3, maximum CL 6
  • Greater - 10 charges, recharge 3/day, maximum spell level 5, maximum CL 10

Any such staff can hold a maximum of three spells. However, each grade is limited in the maximum level of the spells so contained.

  • Lesser - If three spells are included, only one may be level two or three. The other one or two must be either first level or level zero spells.
  • Greater - If three spells are included, only one may be level five. The second may be no higher than third level. The third, if included, may be level zero, one, or two.

A spell cast from such a staff consumes a number of charges equal to its spell level (half a charge for level zero spells). However, an Eternal Staff also has a special bonus: if you have spell levels stored in a rod of absorption or similar item, you may use them to cast spells from the staff without tapping its charges. HOWEVER doing so drains one more spell level per such use than it would if you instead used the stored levels to cast your own spells. A level zero spell cast from the staff in this way consumes one spell level from the rod or similar item.

Unlike with an eternal wand, which you must only use the same type of magic (arcane or divine) to wield properly, using an Eternal Staff requires all spells contained within the staff to be on your class spells list. If even one of them is not, then the staff will not function for you at all (unless your DM rules otherwise, in which case regular UMD checks are advised). However, even if the DM rules that you can control the staff with UMD checks, you still cannot launch any spell from it that is not on your class spell list.

Market: 1K gp per spell level, 500 gp per cantrip, and 2K gp if the staff is greater.

For Example:, a lesser staff with magic missile, mage hand, and fireball would cost 4500 GP (1K+3K+500=4.5K). Make a greater version of the same staff and it would cost 6500 GP.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Staff, the ability to cast the spell to be contained within the staff yourself (ie. not from a wand or another person, nor can an artificer use a UMD check to emulate it), CL 12. Also, all spells are added at the bare minimum level you can cast them at, even when doing so would put them at different caster levels. Also, if the spell you are trying to add to the staff has a costly material component (more than 1GP), then the creation process automatically fails on the final day, wasting all time and materials used in the failed creation.; Cost 3/4 the market value of the staff (this is an exception to the norm of 1/2 market value).; Market Price: Varies

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