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Edwin D Kane[edit]

Born from Darkness and brought before Nerull to serve him in all his glory. You are gifted the power necessary to accomplish tasks Nerull deems worthy.

At Level 4
Tier 1: The Foe of All Good

Nerull's power courses through you, allowing you to invoke his word and bring death to his enemies, however; the force of Nerull is all encompassing.

  • You may use your channel divinity one additional time per feat Tier.
  • Your channel divinity now deals additional damage equal to your casting modifier.
  • Once per feat Tier, you may pick a spell that would otherwise be unavailable to you and have it deal necrotic damage instead.
  • You may no longer cast spells connected with positive energy.
At level 8
Tier 2: The Reaper

You may take on a lesser form of Nerull, bringing his word to those who bare deaf ears. You can spend a bonus action to take on the form of a Shadow Reaper, lasting for rounds equal to your casting modifier. This ability resets on a long rest. While in this form, you gain:

  • Resistance to Necrotic damage, but Vulnerability to Radiant damage.
  • Proficiency with Nerull's weapon, the scythe, if you did not already have it, and you gain bonuses to hit and damage from your casting modifier.
  • Wielding a scythe grants that weapon the Reach feature.
  • Dealing damage with a scythe transforms the damage dealt via bonuses into Necrotic damage. (I.E: Casting modifier damage, any additional damage from feats or buff spells etc.)
  • You gain a set of spectral wings, while not strong enough to lift you to the skies, will allow you to glide over the ground, avoiding difficult terrain.
At level 12
Tier 3: The Hater of Life

Nerull's gift manifests itself in new and powerful ways, allowing you to direct his will with force long forgotten.

  • Activating your reaper form creates a shock-wave of Negative Energy, dealing 4d8 Necrotic damage in a 10ft radius around you, or 8d8 to a single target within the same radius. Any damage dealt also becomes temporary hit points while in this form, lasting up to 1 minute.
  • While in reaper form you now also gain resistance to Lightning damage.
  • The Shadow Reaper ability now resets on short or long rests.
  • You gain the ability to cast Speak With Dead for free upon the souls stored in your soul gem.
  • For this tier and the following tier, you may pick an extra spell to convert from Radiant to Necrotic. Additionally, once per day when casting a 'restricted spell', you may increase it's casting level, amount of die rolled or DC by 1.
  • When you kill a living creature (of at least 1HD) with Necrotic damage, you gain Regeneration 1 for 1 minute (Stackable).
At level 16
Tier 4: The Bringer of Darkness

As Nerull's chosen you evoke sheer terror in those who doubt his power.

  • Activating your reaper form terrifies nearby opponents, forcing all enemies within a 60 feet radius to make a DC 16 will save or become frightened of you. You may now also use the Shadow Reaper ability twice per rest.
  • While in reaper form you now also gain resistance to Cold damage.
  • While in reaper form you now also gain Truesight up to 60ft.
  • While in reaper form, any scythe you wield becomes spectral, appearing to be made of bone. All damage done with scythes is necrotic damage. In addition, attacking with a scythe now creates two additional scythes that mimic your movements, and may attack adjacent opponents (Stackable to 4 scythes).
  • While in reaper form, your wings gain purchase on the air around them, granting you a fly speed of 40ft and allowing you to hover.
At level 19
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