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Since the day you were born you have always envied what others had even when you had something better. What has made you this way? A spoilt upbringing? Or perhaps the opposite?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 4 Skill Proficiencies of your choice

Tool Proficiencies: Choose 2 Tool Proficiencies of your choice

Languages: Draconic and one other of your choice

Equipment: One Martial Weapon and a coin pouch of 100 Gold. You must choose a place on your body for a serpent tattoo that marks your sin.

Feature: Extreme Envy

In your youth you wanted something that you couldn’t have. This drove you to the most extreme of lengths, Murder. You were sent to prison for your crimes for a number of years. Fate must smile upon you since you did not receive a death sentence. But people far and wide know of your crimes, and they are terrified of your sin. You have advantage on all intimidation rolls.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]


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