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Endless Divine Soul[edit]

You are a creature that has lived for a very long time. Through incredibly rare reasons, your soul can not die. You have spent most of your life dwelling on one of the Upper/Lower Planes, surrounded by creatures straight out of legend; Did you make a deal with a Devil? Did your Deity grant you immortality for your service? Did you make a wish long ago? Did some kind of experimental magic make you like this? Did you attach your soul to a indestructible object? Do you even know? Being an Endless Divine Soul does not prevent your body from dying but you will always come back. You may not come back looking the same but your soul remembers everything from all your past lives even the pain from dying. Now you travel the Prime Material Plane, entranced by its landscapes and confused by the selfishness of its cultures, with each day bringing new mysteries of the various creatures that call this strangely mundane world their home.

Skill Proficiencies: Two of the following: Athletics, Stealth, History, Intimidation, Perception, or Religion

Languages: Celestial, Infernal

Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (one of your choice), a belt pouch containing 15 gp, a piece of your home plane (a shard of Mount Celestia, a vial of water from the River Oceanus, etc.) and a token from a celestial friend or family member (ie. an angel's feather, a lock of hair from a unicorn's mane or a glass reliquary holding a spark of light from a lantern archon). A black orb that fits in one's palm. The orb has mystical properties and it can only be destroyed by the one who made it or by overcoming the darkness within the orb.

Becoming a Endless Divine Soul[edit]

For some reason or another, you found yourself walking the world of mortals. Work with your DM to decide why you left the myriad paradises of the planes and what drew you to wander the Prime or roll on the table below. How did you become an Endless Soul?

d6 Endless Origins
1 I made a deal with a Devil
2 I received it as a blessing from my Deity
3 I broke a cardinal rule of the plane and have been banished. The only way to return is to regain my honor.
4 I experimented with long forgotten magics
5 I attached my soul to a indestructible object
6 My home plane bores me. I seek new and greater thrills.

Orb of Darkness Origins[edit]

This orb was a gift granted by a chaotic or evil deity you know. Your divine Nature has now been shrouded in Darkness. The duality of your nature is both Divine and Demonic.

Feature Choice:[edit]

choose one of the features from the list below

Feature: What Dwells Within[edit]

The sphere you carry contains an overwhelming demonic presence. The dark presence is considered terrifying by many people, and animals are inclined to run away from you. On the other hand, those with similar presences and those connected to evil are drawn to you. Those with a dark or demonic presence are more inclined to help you, going as far as to provide you basic shelter and food. They may even fight alongside you, but they will never risk their life for you. Those without such a presence are always anxious around you, which makes it easier to frighten them, whether for gain or for fun. These people are more willing to leave you be when you perform questionable deeds, as they feel their life could be on the line.

Feature: Coming Back[edit]

Your soul is endless and undying. Should your body die, your soul will enter a body and you will return to life at dawn as if affected by true resurrection, but with one level of exhaustion and a temporary madness from the short-term madness table. The body you enter may not be the body you were previously in but the body you now command will become your race over 1d10 days physically changing until it resembles your true body. You cannot return to life if your soul is trapped (i.e. by a lich's phylactery) or if your immortality is removed by means of a wish spell. Your physical body does not age past the point where your race reaches maturity, but you can still get sick. Any aging the body you now command has gone past that point is reverted during the 1d10 days of the body changing into your true body.You may roll a 1d20 to determine how many miles away the body you now control is away from your party. However, you can also choose not to enter a new body. If you choose this your soul can willingly move around as small, glowing sphere that sheds dim light for 5ft. All Equipment that you carry, including clothes, will follow your soul and will transform with it. This form will last until you find a new body.

Feature: Renown[edit]

Your character has lived for generations. You've walked many worlds and have a small casting role in many peoples stories. Perhaps you carved out a name that's been in history for generations, or maybe a story includes a person who looks remarkably like you. If a person can pick up on these ties, they are more likely to trust you, even if they don't know that person is you specifically. Furthermore, your learnedness means you know bits of trivia about old locations that may even have been lost to time.

Bonus Feature: Planar Knowledge[edit]

Hailing from a place beyond the boundaries of the Prime Material Plane, you know more about the inner workings of the cosmos than most. Furthermore, Your time on the upper planes has left its mark on you, and this might be recognized by certain other creatures. When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore regarding a specific plane or its denizens, if you do not know that information, you can recall a means of obtaining such knowledge. For these times, you typically know of a place, person, text, or item that contains information regarding that plane or its inhabitants. Your DM may rule that the knowledge is kept secret or that it is very hard to obtain, such as being in an arcanaloth's collection or only revealed to people deemed worthy by an angel.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Denizens of the planes carry the spark of their homeland in their hearts wherever they go, and this spark drives them to vanquish their enemies and uphold the ideals of their respective plane of exsistance. They usually have a natural magnetism and charisma that allows them to speak with conviction and confidence, but they will also often find themselves bewildered by the morality and ethics of many residents of the Prime.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am desensitized to life, and lack visible emotions.
2 With nothing to lose, I will live a life of excitement.
3 I instinctively give orders instead of requests.
4 I am keeping a list of things I have left to do, it's not very long.
5 I openly accept death because I know I will be back.
6 I am used to being alone, not part of a group.
7 I seek to gain knowledge of this world, I have all the lifetimes I will ever need.
8 I view life as a curse and wish to end the suffering of others.
d6 Ideal
1 Inquisitive. I care not for the pervasive Darkness. I do whatever takes my fancy at that moment, without much thought. (Neutral)
2 Selflessness. I won't let the darkness control me. I will come back, so I will give my life, time and time again, for the greater good. (Good)
3 Justice. I can let the darkness run through me, and as long as I don't break the law, I will see justice done; if not for me, then for the common folk. (Lawful)
4 Power. I can do whatever I want with my orb of darkness, because who's going to argue with a being who cannot stay dead. (Evil)
5 Change. Nothing is safe. The tides of Fate are always changing, and I seek to bend them to my will, however I can. This world was made for chaos. (Chaotic)
6 Coldness. I am indifferent to the Darkness. I will do anything I want and show no emotions as they have been stripped from me over my countless lives. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 A Higher Power granted me my souls ability, and I must follow their will.
2 Something granted me my souls ability, but I do not know what did!
3 I find the orb intriguing, and I wish to study it more. I find it important for some strange reason
4 I keep a record of all things that have happened over my life, a collection that could otherwise be lost to time.
1 I love my orb and the darkness from it drives me to commit exalted deeds.
6 I just don't care I want to see the world. The world is always changing and I never want to miss what happens next.
d8 Flaw
1 I will put myself in harm's way to save people, even total strangers.
2 I consider the denizens of the Prime to be beneath me.
3 I have a deep attraction and curiosity to demons and darker powers. I mean, who wouldn't want to taste the forbidden fruit?
4 I am detached from the concept of death, even in regards to others.
5 I secretly find all things that are not divine in nature to be repulsive.
6 If I see any who betrayed me, their blood will spill on my hands. Nothing will stop me.
7 I have a need to help each and every person that asks me for it. I simply can't say no.
8 I love getting into dangerous and life-threatening situations, it just gets my blood flowing. After all, what's life without a little danger?

Optional Feature:[edit]

Festering Darkness[edit]

Bonus Feat Orb of Darkness in Inventory. Can add to character from backstory, but wont take effect till 9th level. Benefit: Having been the victim of a terrible hardship, a darkness dwells, festers, grows within your orb; perhaps born of some magical intervention- an anger that no matter how good you try to be, you can never quite shake.

Whenever you enter combat, roll a d20 after you roll for initiative. On a roll of 8 or lower your eyes and veins turn a strange black, your heart begins to pump and you enter a mindless rage, craving the thrill of killing anything or anyone. You keep your original initiative, and the following occurs: Roll 1d10

  • On a roll of 10 nothing happens.
  • On a roll of 7-9: Your alignment changes to Lawful Evil, your Strength modifier changes to +4 (unless already higher), your Dexterity modifier changes to +3 (unless already higher), your Constitution modifier changes to +2 (unless already higher) and all other ability modifiers change to 0 (unless already lower).You lose proficiency in martial weapons. You gain disadvantage in spellcasting. Duration: 1 minute.
  • On a roll of 3-6: You gain Xd6 temporary hit points where X is half your player level rounded down. Your alignment changes to Neutral Evil, your Strength modifier changes to +6 (unless already higher), your Dexterity modifier changes to +4 (unless already higher), your Constitution modifier changes to +3 (unless already higher) and all other ability modifiers change to -1 (unless already lower). You lose proficiency in all weapons. You lose your proficiency in spellcasting and must make a DC10 spell save to cast spells. You form claws of a shadow-like substance- which deal damage equal to 1d8+ your Strength modifier. Duration: 10 minutes.
  • On a roll of 1-2: You gain Xd6 temporary hit points where X is your player level. You miss your first turn (as you transform) your alignment changes to Chaotic Evil, your Strength modifier changes to +8 (unless already higher), your Dexterity modifier changes to +5 (unless already higher), your Constitution modifier changes to +4 (unless already higher) and all other ability modifiers change to -3 (unless already lower). You lose proficiency in all weapons. You lose the ability to cast all spells(which means you can only use cantrips)and can only use improvised weapons. You form claws and wings of a shadow-like substance- fly speed equal to your walking speed, claws deal damage equal to 1d10+ your Strength modifier. Duration: 30 minutes (can't fly for longer than 2 turns at a time without spending at least one turn on the ground).

With a critical hit, wings and claws can be sliced through, thus causing them to disipate. Wings get destroyed on the first critical hit then the claws on the next unless the DM decides otherwise. The effect lasts for the duration, until calm emotions, Sleep, dominate person or Wish are cast successfully on you or until you are reduced to 0 hit points.

At night, anyone who makes a successful DC15 Wisdom (perception) check notices that you appear to be in pain whilst you sleep and your veins are strangely darker than normal.

The only cure for this condition (should you wish to cure it) is water, blessed by the Goddess of peace, Eldath. }}

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