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Empathy (Cha; Trained Only; Power)[edit]

Check: Using this allows a character to gain access to other power skills that the character has come into contact with. This requires a touch attack made by the character; a willing character can allow the empath to acquire their power without the need for a touch attack. After a successful touch an empath makes a skill check to determine how he acquires the skill.

Skill Acquired Check DC
The empath gains the skill as a class skill and 1 rank in the skill 10
The empath gains the skill as a class skill and half the number of ranks in empathy in the skill 20

The character is limited to only one power skill at a time and if they gain a new one the old one is replaced. You are not considered to have ranks in the power that you acquire for purposes of Power Feats or anything else that requires ranks in a certain power.

Try Again?: Yes, but it requires a new action and touch attack to use the skill.

Special: With this skill a character can gain other power skills and should be allowed by the GM before taken.

Time: It takes a full round action to activate this skill, the touch attack necessary to use this skill is part of this action.

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