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Elves are a free-spirited and opportunistic people, descended from powerful fey. They are fast, agile, and charismatic.


Elves are intensely emotional, with their moods swinging from the heights of happiness and friendliness one moment to extreme anger and snappiness the next. The only emotion elves never seem to acquire is depression. They are an amazingly upbeat race.

Physical Description[edit]

Elves stand about as tall as humans, but have a thinner and lighter build due to their fey heritage. They usually have fair hair and skin, with eye colors ranging from blue to green to golden. They have long pointed ears that sweep back from their heads.


Elves get along fairly well with other fey races, such as sirens. They also like changelings and cambions. Humans, gnomes, and dwarves tend to dislike elves and their untrustworthy ways. Elves hate nagas with an undying passion.


Elves are often of a chaotic alignment, just as their fey ancestors.


The elves hail primarily from Aergaela, where they settled several thousand years ago with several other fey races. However,elves are also found in other locations, such as Jacinth and Albion Proper. Elves are almost never found in Utgard.


Many elves worship Cian and Ana, the Twin Gods. Cian is the god of laughter, luck, and the early night; he is also the god of the setting sun and the west. Ana is the young goddess of fate and protection; she protects her followers (especially females) from misfortune. Other elves worship Eando, god of creativity and song. While Eando is sometimes worshiped by other races (notably sirens and some humans), Cian and Ana are exclusively elf gods.


Elves speak Elven and Aergaelan, and many speak Jacinthian as well.

Racial Traits[edit]

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