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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a cresent moon with a sword crossed over it
Home Plane: Shadow
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: {{{port}}}
Clergy Alignments: Any neutral
Domains: Knoledge, the moon, obedience.
Favored Weapon: Short Swords
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More information...

A Drow who after death rose through the ranks of demon lords threw defeating them in battle. She is kind hearted (as much as a demon lord can be) and tends to do the right thing in her own way.


She encorages her followers to gain as much power as they can threw taming other creatures and higher knowledge.

Gifts from worship[edit]

  • Any worshiper with an intellegance of 15 or higher (with int modifier) can once per day roll to tame a creature, monster, or a soul gem. If the creature in the soul gem is sentient the roll must be a 20.
  • Any worshiper at level 5 gets a tiny animated object built to there liking (look at http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/constructs/animated-object for how to make one) and has one upgrade from the construct upgrades given by Elixra.

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Once per day a worshiper with the Craft Construct feat can put a soul gem that has a tamed creature in it into a construct to give it the level of sentience of the creature within the gem.
  • Worishers gain the ability to craft the following custom items if all prerequisites are met.
    • Slime construct:(hit die 3d10+10, price 1000 GP to craft, DNA sample required, CR 3) A slime creature that takes the physical shape of the creature whose DNA was used in crafting. Prerequisites: Craft construct, 1 level in alchemist or craft alchemy 5 ranks.
    • Potion applier:(price 100 GP, CR increase +1) A device which allows constructs to apply an equipped potion effects (works 3 times per potion). Prerequisites: Craft Construct.
    • Bubble shield:(price 500 GP, 1 steel shield, CR increase +2) A device which allows constructs to form a shield around them and all adjacent tiles giving any creature or player in the shield a +2 to Ac from attacks originating from outside the shield. Prerequisites: Craft Construct.
    • Construct rebirth rune:(price 10gp) A rune that activates when a construct dies. When a construct dies its original upgrades (and consciousness if it has one) go to another construct as per the choice of the creator. If the creator is a construct they may still chose which construct they go into. If a player goes into a new construction there feats, mental stats, extra ability points, and racial abilities go into the construct, but any physical stats and items do not. Health from all non-level one hit die transfer if DM approves. Both constructs must have the rune.
    • Construct abilities:(price 10gp) A construct can have its ability score raised by 5. A construct can only gain this twice for every ability score.
    • Construct health:(price 20gp) A construct with this addon gets an extra d10 hit die. Can only be bought once.

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