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Physical Description[edit]

Elves are a race of Fae creatures that existed on our planet earth. They were created by a god known as Anasan the god of Fae, magic, Ancestral roots, Faewilds, nature, and life who resides in the Faewilds. They have pointed ears, tall slender bodies and are beautiful and handsome. They have magic of earth, water, air, fire and nature. They are kind hearted creatures that care for the planet and can heal and revive plant life and animals. They are herbivores and are skilled in sword play and archer both crossbows and longbows which were made a very light wood named bluewood making them easy to wield, pull back and fire. After the humans that took over the world and then became extinct the elves found the technology the humans left behind they made a few tweaks and utilized the technology to a more elf liking and reach for the stars. They have pale skin, Red, blond, black, brown, silver, green, blue, platinum and gold hair colors and blue, green, cyan and violet eye colors. They never lose hair to old age and it never loses it's color.

Alternative names[edit]


Plural race name[edit]


The Elves


The Elves are kind hearted, smart, caring, talented and cunning. The Elven bards can easily make friends with their wonderful tunes and their jewelry works would purr a catfolk. They also would never turn their back on people who are in need of help. The elves can also help people physically and mentally with magic that can even cure mental disorders making them go clear. They care for nature and animals. They always never give in to pride, greed, envy, wrath, gluttony, sloth or lust.


The elves are all middle class since air magic can create electricity, energy and power, Nature magic that can create food and earth magic to create materials. So they don't need currency, a economy or corporations. Also they have crystals that can power devices without causing radiation. Cat-folk, and Golarion Elves and Humans can join the PAC as a friendship bond for the former and understanding between the races for the latter.


They are very best friends with Cat folk, lizard folk, Jakuan and gnomes. They are good friends with Golarian elves, The Aleph Order, the Akahalans and their post-Akahalans the Vanguard Super soldiers, Vesk, Lashuntas, Half elves, Tyrgards, halflings and kitsunes. They have a neutral behavior to dwarfs due to dwarfs suspicions of elves. They despised goblins due to the goblins being a embodiment of greed.


Anasan The god of the Faewilds, Fae, magic, Ancestral roots, nature, and life



Home world[edit]

Adranus/Earth (Our world)


Age of Fae

The Elves were created by the Faewilds realm god known as Anasan god of the Fae, magic, Ancestral roots, Faewilds, nature, and life and are Enemies of the daemons who were created by Xalos god of destruction, chaos, shadows, darkness, corruption, evil and the Shadowfell realm. The Weave is a fabric of the universe that is the source of all magic in which the elves take great care of the weave. During the Eternal Conflict A group of elven heroes made up of a druid, wizard, ranger, rogue, and a sorceress defeated and destroy Xalos and sealed the daemons within the dark realm. Peace and hope was restored.

Age of man

The humans who were created by the blood of Xalos' champion the titan that got in the ocean and the microspecies absorbed it and so begins human evolution and soon the elves found themselves outnumbered to the aggressive humans and fled to the Faewilds for protection with no one left behind. For many years science and man ruled over the earth however things are about to get worse for humanity.

Human Downfall

During the year 2020 after the coronavirus hits, the death of George Floyd and the fires raging in the west coast the US government was struggling with the virus outbreak and the president’s anti kneeling crusade (against the protests against racial injustice) was basically breaking due to the president who is known as Republican businessman president Damian Terrace's arrogance, mishandling, ignorance and incompetence have left the country weaker, sicker and poorer and once Germany was the first to find a vaccine Damian was now in a pickle so desperate to secure reelection. Europe eventually declared that they are no longer allies of the United States with the eventual disbanding of NATO with the president now labeled a bully and a monster after he said that Europe can go to hell and that the US doesn't need them and every nation saw what the USA was a failed nation, a monster, a jerk, a bully and a hate filled beast. Damian now have lost the election due to being defeated by majority rule for his lack of fixing the problems going on in America such as protests, the west coast burning, ending wars in the middle east, the Russian threat (who are now making Mech suits called stingrays and successfully conquer Ukraine to due the US president sabotaging the NATO defenses) and the covid-19 pandemic in which the president had caused negligent homicide and deaths of many Americans due to ignoring it, spreading misinformation and for some cheap tactics like dismantling the post office which unknowingly means no one even his supporters can’t vote and other things such as making excuses for abandoning Europe and even Damian was planning to ban violent video games and corporatize America which is hinted due to the destruction of net neutrality. Ultimately in 2021 Damian Terrace tried to overturn the election results but on January 6th 2021 he was ultimately impeached due to the pro-Terrace supporters' raid on capitol hill which made him lose support from many republicans due to Terrace Hailing "Courage" to the rioters even though this was a in reality a attack on democracy and causing discomfort and fear in the US that a second American civil war (Third if your British) was about to begin. By January 20th 2021 after the election victor who was Green party Nick Freeman who became the 2020 election winner took office he rebuild the US’ alliance with US allies. Meanwhile a wealthy British-German and capitalist billionaire named Doctor Gary Weggser who leads a weapons, war robots, war vehicles, armor, interstellar and steel manufacturing corporation called Industrial Manufacturing Corporation basically who now wants to begin to fulfill his desires which was Doctor Weggser beginning to build Elysium a City where the Artist would not fear censors, where the scientists would not be bound by petty morality and where the great are not constrained by the small. Basically a capitalist utopia. After the construction was complete and now being populated the IMC began to expand by purchasing land. However in 2022 a IMC research exploded in the Midwest of the US destroying the region and unleashing giant dark matter orbs all across the earth turning humans and animals into creatures known as Storm Shadows and corrupting the forests, computers, lakes, oceans and other water supply. This have led to many of controversies the IMC was trying to hide such as abusing, belittling and harassment of the working class, unfair pay, horrendous crunch time, having nuclear weapons deals with Balkans countries, stealing oil resources for themselves, selling weapons to dictators, crime families, violent militia groups in middle east and south America, violent Nationalists groups in Malaysia, PMCs, the American mafia, the builder berg, the Russian mob and the Yakuza and conducting unethical genetic experiments like bioweapons testing. Weggser even smack talk The USA, the Vatican city and Russia saying how he despises them for the USA being for the poor, the Vatican being for god and Russia being for everyone however this caused many backlash to The IMC for mocking western values, religion and individual freedom. Due to the actions of Weggser it caused paranoia in the KGB and CIA with some believing this will cause the decline of The US’ superpower status, the lost of being free from control by mega corporations, turning the world into a corporate state, the rise of IMC into the biggest economy beating the US, China, India and Japan and even a Corporate Conquest of the world and signs greed and corruption taking root in the world’s governments on the rise with both agencies beginning to suspect IMC moles within their ranks. This would led to corporates able to willingly buy out a whole nation. Meanwhile a mysterious Militia called Reavers who wear clothes with grim reaper style like a white hoodie, jeans, red shoes and purple bandit masks began popping up around the world and started committing crimes such burning of churches, government buildings, robbing banks then blow them up and even stealing museum artifacts then blow up the museum and cunningly and cleverly sneak their influences into to governments and businesses to collect income money to be use for funds such as buying out every gun store in the world (making the Reavers' pockets fat with even more money, twisting the US' second amendment in the Reavers' favor giving them easy access to weapons and even persuaded the NRA to sell weapons to Reavers for diamonds, platinum and gold bars), corrupting the police force all around the world to do their bidding and buy out and worm their influence into social media, regular media and Big and independent businesses all around the world that no one would ever suspect (such as 21st century fox, fox news, 4chan, wall street, cd projekt red (which explains why cyberpunk 77 ended up as a complete disaster with so much bugs and glitches and why the publisher and developer ended up running away with the money much like the people who made star citizen, mighty number 9 and freeman: guerrilla warfare), games workshop and pretty much every conservative and tabloid media to basically cover up the reavers’ scheme) much like the Yakuza basically exploiting humanity’s sins and weaknesses like pride, greed and every exploitable capitalist tactics however what the humans don't know is that the Reavers are Daemons in disguise who escape the sealed shadowfell or have escaped imprisonment which explains they're super human strengths, abilities and powers that influence and corrupt humans They are led by Azark who calls himself Axton Halo and is at war with a rival militia the Lambent who are a group of storm shadows led by Wilfre. In 2024 Doctor Gary Weggser was assassinated by top CIA agent Cyrus Temple and top KGB agent Yakov Makarov who also tag some graffiti about their distaste and hatred about the unfair treatment of lower class people and felt the IMC and Elysium was becoming a Greedy Narcissist empire of idiots which sparked paranoia in Elysium denizens about their way of life being threaten. Doctor Gary Weggser's friend Morhaul Siegfried now becomes president of IMC and Elysium and Weggser’s sons Todd and Ryan owners of Power Armor Inc. and Laser Weapons Co. respectively have been given land in Europe, Asia, US south and Australia split equally between them both with Siegfried continuing the traditions of Doctor Weggser and begins a IMC pro corporation world and a bloody war on the Return to Democracy movement who wanted to end IMC influencing elections around the world and return the nations to days of freedom and peace, the eternal crusaders who wanted to Christianity to it’s formal glory days and end the IMC corruption grip on the world believing IMC to be the Embodiment of sins and legion’s rebellion who wanted IMC out of Russia's affairs with IMC’s paramilitary (The APCOM known as Apex Predators Command), Mercenaries (Like the Academi), agents, robots, armored mech suits corps and private army attacking countries. This also causes many of the oppressed lower class people of Elysium to protests the IMC After every nation having enough of President Siegfried’s lunacy however unbeknownst to every nation a secret war was being waged by Todd and Ryan to take each other’s land by hiring mercenaries. With WW3 coming into fruition being known as the Allies-IMC war with American, Russian and the new crusades who are known as the Allies destroying many IMC facilities and eliminating IMC business partners the Yakuza, the Italian mafia, the American mafia, gangs all around the world, Crime families and Nationalists and killing Todd and Ryan as a sign of they're rejection of the corporate enslavement. The war was however locked in a stalemate and to make matters worse for the IMC the European union sent forces to aid the Allies which ultimately still not have made any advancements. In 2026 IMC APCOM paramilitary General Thomas Shepard and President Siegfried knowing they can’t win the war decided to end it all and goes full super weapon and nuclear on the Allies, EU and many of the Countries and IMC enemies by launching nukes against Europe, Chinese mainland and territories (like Hong Kong and Singapore), America, Russia, The Vatican, Iran, Japan, France, Greece and every country just to make sure that all loose ends are filled soon the nuclear apocalypse Known as the Great Ragnarok had come into reality and the world was cleansed in the fire of super weapons (such as a hacked US Orbital laser cannon which fired at mount Yellowstone and obliterate the US leaving nothing but a huge crater where the US mainland was once stood), nuclear, chemical, cyber and biological attacks however with the dentation of the bombs and use of weapons the destruction caused damage to the weave and caused an unforgiving and formed a terrifying outcome to humanity the cataclysm where world was being destroyed and was also ending with super volcanos eruptions, razor winds, storms, wildfires, sandstorms, giant meteor and asteroid strikes, earthquakes, plagues, lands sinking and rising, nuclear reactor meltdown explosions, landsides, avalanches, hail storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards, sun blades (it is when a sun fires a beam of it’s self at a planet), tornadoes, floods and global cooling. The world was destroyed and was left in ruins and have enter a new ice age and the end of the age of humanity with some survivors humans having either committing suicide after a mysterious force erased their memories of everything they know or escaping into space ships into the great unknown void of space to get to mars to rebuild society however they disappear and are never seen again which led to humanity now being extinct although it is unknown if humanity is extinct or not however many of humanity's arts, literature, culture, buildings, monuments, entertainments (movies, television shows, animations, books (novels, comics, graphic novels, mangas etc.), video games, table top materials etc. whatever they are good, terrible or mixed), entertainment devices, words and symbols on clothes, internet (and things like memes and websites), statues (both religious, collectible and historical), many technologies, historical documents, everything and the memories of things listed and even memories of nations, values, religions, history and family members were lost to time by literary being erased by the unknown force which was a curse and a punishment for humanity and literally the things faded away lost to time like sand in the wind which was the result of the nukes and other super weapons damaging the weave in the end humanity lost everything and were destroyed, shattered, broken, beaten and battered. Ultimately some few technology remained and Human extinction was inevitable. Mankind was doomed to died because of its greed, pride, anger, arrogance, cruelty, hatred and many other negative factors and the humans who die through out in the history of mankind have always ended up in the Shadowfell. No alien species know the truth about humanity’s extinction not even the elves.

Age of rebirth

However when the word of humanity extinction reach the ears of the elves they set out to reclaim there birthright home planet with the elves having cleaned up all of the radiation ultimately riding the world of oil, uranium and other hazardous materials, revive all the animals and cleansed them of radiation poisoning and mutations, heal and restored the once green planet known as earth, turn dark matter to light matter ridding the world of the Storm shadows and remaining Daemons repaired the weave. The great ragnarok open up veins of clean energy crystals Soon the elves began to rebuild their cities know as Haven, Arborlon, Tirion, Orul and Ahmiye soon they found the technology left by the humans and with a few tweaks made their technological age focusing it's technology, leadership and societal focus on caring for the nature, astronomy, agriculture, planet and animal care, preserving all life, transportation, medicine, super computers, new weapons like laser rifles and blades, futuristic armor, cleaner power source, constitutional monarchy, hope, genetic advancements, magic and honesty instead of left and right politics, gun rights, cybernetics, democracy, consumerism, medias like social media and internets, corporations, capitalism, business, entertainment, government and developing dangerous world ending weapons like nukes and never make the same mistakes as humanity has had. The elves discovered how to build star ships to travel to other planets, star systems and beyond with the invention of the Slingslash drive (a equivalent of a warp drive) that can travel to star system planet to another star system planet in the matter of seconds. Eventually the elves colonized Alpha centaur, tau ceti and many more eventually creating the Elven interstellar empire known as the Pan-Adranus Coalition.

War with the Confederacy

Eventually the elves came into contact with the confederacy when a group of PAC ships were exploring the Marthal sector when a confederate fleet saw them and thought they were pact worlds ships and attack them luckily the PAC fought back with prowess eventually the PAC-confederate war begin with the war ending in 3 years after the battle of Tarkus were the elves manage to free a captured catfolk colony and delivered a crushing blow to the confederate foothold in the Haven sector earning them the trust of the catfolk. This brought attention of the Jakuans who invited them to the stellar League whos members include the Akahalans, The Aleph order, Sykers, lizardfolk, catfolk, lionfolk, gnomes, kitsunes and the Jakuans.


Names tend to be a mix of Welsh, Icelandic and Swiss.


Elven, common, veskirum.


Neutral good

Racial Traits[edit]

Nature's gift +1 Dexterity +1 Wisdom

Picture of health Can't have mental disorders

Balance's might Immune to charm, hallucinations, mind control and other psychic conditions.

Magic's blood +3 ranged attacks and +3 medium armor

Running speed is 30ft

HP is 12

Vision is normal

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Elf Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
1,000 years 5,000 years 10,000 years Immortal years
  1. At middle age, +0 to all. -0 to all
  2. At old age, +0 to all. -0 t0 all
  3. At venerable age, +0 to all. -0 to all
Table: Elf Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
18 years +2 +3 +4
Table: Elf Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6' 00" +0 100 lb. × (0) lb.
Female 5' 6" +0 80 lb. × (0) lb.


This race was inspired by Shannara, bioshock, horizon zero dawn, Lord of the rings and Divinity. this a race is for a alternative starfinder universe called "Starfinder Dark conflict" it's a more mature themed saga about a 6 way war conflict between the Stellar League-pact worlds coalition, azlanti star empire, the Veskarium, the swarm, the confederacy (an alien empire known as consisting of the Hel'Kang (a race that looks like the elites from halo), Cabal (who look like there name sake from destiny), Apex (a alien robot race with designs looking like a mix of separatist droids from star wars, faro chariot corrupters and deathbringers from horizon zero dawn, vex from destiny and omnics from overwatch)) and the sectoids (who look like their namesake from xcom), Charon (from my Vanguard (Starfinder Race) race wiki page I made in Pathfinder page of the D&D homebrew site you're reading right now) and the Eternal shadows (who looks like the dark makers from Jak 3) with Starfinder Dark conflict having more extra stuff like more races, classes, lore and some details about some unexplained stuff with one being that the Absalom station was built before the gap. The Stellar league is a allied faction of Pact worlds. I'm also using this race for my book series called Eternal Stars.


Dr. Gary Weggser is a mix of Gary aka green or blue from Pokémon, Dr. willy from Megaman, Eggman or Dr. Robotnik from sonic and bowser from Mario also I'm not trying to push some political agenda I'm basically just trying to teach how crazy humans are these days and I have a be kind and don't legislate your opinion and the lore is basically why electing a businessman would lead to disaster. Remember people take your vaccines recommended by your doctor you not hurt your child and please be calm to people no matter what they say and how crazy their opinions maybe. You'll just end up like a complainer by complaining about complainer you don't like is. And don't be mean to people because of their skin color, nationality, religion or disorder. Everyone has their unique mindset.


This is a Elf I don't own this pic.
This is the PAC Emblem I don't own this.
This is a space age PAC elf soldier I made in hero forge I own this picture.
This is the PAC Human soldier sometimes Golarion humans will join the PAC in order to perfect an understanding between the two races.

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