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Elemental Inspiration


You draw inspiration from the Elements to improve your martial prowess

Earth's Toughness

At 3rd level you learn how to shrug off damage like stone. You gain resistance to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing damage. In addition, you also have resistance to Lightning damage.

Waters Dance

At 7th level you now move like flowing like Water. You can choose a second option from the Fighting Style class feature, gain +2 AC and you have resistance to acid.

Fires Strike

At 10th level You move your blade in such a way that flames appear on the blade. When you make a successful melee attack you deal an additional 1d6 fire damage. This bonus increases to 2d6 at 15th, and 3d6 at 18th. You also gain resistance to fire damage.

Guiding Wind

At 15th level you learn to read the winds you gain proficiency in Dex and Wis saving throws and you gain resistance to cold damage

Elemental Insight

At level 18 You gain a trust and understanding of the elements in a way few do, once per short rest as a reaction all your resistance's become immunity's for 1 round + your Con

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