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Eldritch Knight - Knight of the Table[edit]

This is a subclass made to buff the original Eldritch. If anything needs to be changed, please tell me. Otherwise without further ado, here's the new Eldritch Knight or as I call it Knight of the Table. Please enjoy!

The ability pool[edit]

So you wanna play as the Knight of the Table? This is a lovely way to play since it allows for so many approaches to how you move or attack enemies. Here is the list of abilities you gain as the Knight of the Table.

What I modified

Eldritch Knight - Knight of the Table

Weapon Bond

At 3rd level, you learn a ritual that allows you to bond with your weapon, by doing so the weapon can be stored away and summoned at will. Starting at 3rd level you can bond with 2 weapons total, by 5th level you can bond with 5 weapons, by 7th level you can bond with 8 weapons and at 12th level you can bond with 13 weapons. 15th level you gain the access to bond with 15 weapons.

Arcane Charge

At 3rd level, you can teleport to anything within a 10 foot radius as long as the space is unoccupied. By 5th level, you can teleport 20 feet. by 7th level you can teleport 30 feet. By 9th level you can teleport 40 feet following before or after an attack. 11th level you can teleport 50 feet and attack. 15th level you can teleport 60 feet and attack

War Magic

Beginning at 5th level, you can cast a cantrip as a bonus action following before or after an attack.

Eldritch Strike

At the 10th level, you have learned how to undercut a creature's resistance to your spells or weapon. When you attack with a weapon, the creature has a disadvantage on the next saving throw

Improved War Magic

Starting at 15th level you can cast any level spell as a bonus action following before or after an attack

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