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Effeminate Build [General][edit]

Unlike most male members of your race, you are exceptionally small and feminine: dainty among your kind. The character is one size smaller than normal, and takes on all benefits and detriments of this size.
Prerequisite: Must be Male and have a Charisma score of at least 16, a Dexterity Score of a 12, and a Strength Score of no more than 14.
Benefit: The character takes on all of the detriments of being one size smaller.
Drawback: The character takes on all of the detriments of being one size smaller.
Roleplaying Ideas: I'm not a pussy! I'm just a 'Silhouette, a Catfolk, and I'm a rather small individual. Due to my small size, i'm rather easily captured or pinned, but I'm exceptionally capable at sneaking about and slipping through the cracks of most structures.

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