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Rating: 1 / 5
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See also: SDUND.

Paradox space (formerly Dungeons & Dragonstuck) is unlike your traditional 5e campaign setting. It is a fully actualized world which responds and grows along with the players (a fact known to many of its inhabitants). This presents a unique fantasy setting and a monumental challenge for any GM who chooses to run this setting. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, that task will be made easier.

What makes this setting so special and customizable is that, through the magic of Skaia and SDUND, the players will in session create their own universe upon achieving the Ultimate Reward. How the players choose to do this will set the tone for the game they play and their own destiny which lies ahead.

Thanks for playing!


When beginning a SDUND Session in Paradox space, players should be instructed to select their most preferred Version and to enable the proper Options to suit their needs.


See Versions for further information.


SDUND mechanics
Playable races
Enemies and NPCs

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