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You will need: a deck of playing cards, a coin, a d%, a d10, and something to work as a d3 To use this system you draw a card from the deck and put it aside, draw two more cards and put them aside, if you drew more than one "trap card" you discard all but one "trap card" if you end up with more than one face card of the same type (for instance two kings) discard to one of those face card types, at this point you must keep drawing (following the same rules from above) until you have three number cards under 8 those are you room's dimensions, other than that it's pretty self explanitory Rooms: Face = Monster in room

         Ace = Monster with treasure
         King = Monster with minions
         Queen = Mutated monster
         Jack = Monster with magical

Numbers from 8-10 = room with trap

Numbers from 2-7 = Length/width/height of room

          7 = roll a percent die
          6 = 35 ft
          5 = 30 ft
          4 = 25 ft
          3 = 20 ft
          2 = 15 ft

Monsters: roll a d3 1 = MM 2 = MM2 3 = MM3 Then roll 2d100 and use the monster on that page, if that page contains no monsters/does not exist, re-roll.

Traps: Roll a d2 1 = magical trap 2 = mechanical trap If mechanical roll a d20

1: poison needle
2: fake door monster
3: acid spray
4: pit
5: swinging axes
6: arrows
7: cave in
8: flood
9: some parts of the floor are fake
10: crushing walls
11: airless room with closing portcullis
12: room fills up with grass
13: room fills up with gas
14: room fills up with sand
15: BOMB!!!
16: poisoned irresistible food (DC WILL 15)
17: levers that do... DM'S choice :)
18: exploding walls
19: lever that turns the floor upside down (dropping players into... IDK)
20: Re-roll twice*

If magical roll a d20

1: fireball
2: lightning
3: anti gravity room with spikes on ceiling
4: door disappears behind you
5: door on far side of room leads out of the door behind you
6: room fills with flying paper strips enchanted by the "keen" ability
7: testing room for dangerous/ unstable magic
8: stacks of carnivorous skulls
9: room is the stomach of a large creature
10: flash freeze
11: flood then flash freeze
12: room acts as though affected by a blizzard
13: tornado
14: Time is sort of, oh I have a headache
15: this room is the still beating heart of the tarrasque
16: DM's choice
17: in the middle of this room is a sheep... It may be normal,
 savage, or explosive
18: the kitchen of a monster hotel... Staffed.
19: this room has a complex puzzle in the middle, The door you 
came through isn't there, and none of the players
can talk until they get out ( if you want to be really mean
you can make a timer (crushing walls, flooding room, spreading 
magical flame O.O))
20: re-roll twice*
  • if you roll this again restart the trap process.
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