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Dun Morogh[edit]

More info about Dun Morogh

Homeland of the Dwarves and the Gnomes, Dun Morogh has got three Key Towns: Gnomeregan, the occupied capital city of the Gnomes; Ironforge, the capital city of the Dwarves; and Kharanos a bustling little town nestled among the mountain peaks of Dun Morogh. The storyline of the dwarves starts in Coldridge valley, where Anvilmar is under siege by troggs. After having fought off the troggs and helped injured friends you start gathering provisions before heading out to find out the Trolls their plans. After defeating their leader, a Fire Elemental and the Troll Master his servant you leave the area and head for Kharanos.The gnome starting storyline is that they are in the middle of the siege of Gnomeregan. Fighting against leper gnomes in the halls of Gnomeregan, you finally get decontaminated and can go to the surface. Here the fight continues against Crushcog, the leader of the leper gnomes, who eventually gets defeated. After that you head of to Kharanos. Here you help resupply the inn, fight of the Frostmane and attack the Wendigos. After that you are launched to a Frostmane camp and ordered to take them out. After that you help removing all troggs from a mine; save dwarfs from the raging frost elementals; and learn about the Dark Iron scheming. They are planning to attack the Ironforge Airfield and you are send in to assist the Dwarves. You rally the defenders, strike back with an airstrike, defeat the Dark Iron leader. Then you go to Moira Bronzebeard, leader of the Dark Iron Dwarves and demand answers. There you learn that the Dark Iron Ambassador Slaghammer has betrayed the dwarven council and you are send in to capture him.

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