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Symbol: Hand with Umbra in center enclosed by red aura
Home Plane: Abeyance
Alignment: Anything Lawful (LN LG LE)
Portfolio: Rogues, Bards, and Assassins are welcome, along with any person who shows will to follow Drynth
Clergy Alignments: The Clergy of Drynth are only required to be lawful, and obey his command.
Domains: Darkness, Poisons, Death, Apathy
Favored Weapon: Claws, Talons, Short sword, sometimes seen with a dagger


Drynth has been known to cross realms and roam the human plane. When he does he comes in the form of a half-black half-gold wolf. Onyth is also seen roaming this plane; he is in a form of a White Bear with golden stripes running horizontally across his fur. Drynth’s other sons also roam, but they are disguised as either humans, or Great Birds. While any of Drynth’s sons or he are in the living plane they can see 15 miles in the distance, and see anywhere a house of Drynth is. Whenever the name Drynth is spoken they can also see in a 15 mile radius of the spot where it was spoken.


The followers of Drynth are scattered around the lands. They are not forced to worship underground, but it is easier for them to hide than to promote their religion easily. Drynth hosts mainly to rogues, assassins, thieves, and bards. He was around long before any of the other deities were around. He does not believe that a person has to become a full follower of him to be granted the ultimate dream, to join his paradise. He demands that his clerics be Lawful, and there is no restriction as to which side of the ethical spectrum a person is on. As long as there is no fighting in his Houses there will be no tear in the belief.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Those who obtain Clergy of Drynth are those who prove they are worthy to gain favor with this deity. They are mostly rogues and few are bards. The clergy of Drynth wear an extravagant dark red robe. It has a sash that is pearl white, with a gold trim. The lower clergy wear a regular red robe. And the followers wear whatever they want, but when in the house they change their clothing for a plain black robe. The Temples are known as Houses, and are usually underground. There are certain Temples that are above ground, but they are only for initiates. The Clergy are advanced poison crafters, and are able to make the most potent poisons known to man. When new comers enter the House of Drynth they are welcomed, for it is a tedious task to find his most exalted worship areas. The person needs to read a series of books and follow the clues hidden within them. The books are titled “Drynth’s Xarxes” there are 4 volumes. They were written by Drynth’s son, Onyth.

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