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Symbol: Holly and Mistletoe
Home Plane:
Alignment: NN
Portfolio: Balance, nature, the cycles of life
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Either fire and water, earth and air or balance and your races domain (humans chose any one elemental domain) (note clerics are rare, most are druids)
Favored Weapon: Any Druid weapon

Unlike the other faiths the Druidic faith worships those deities outside their own pantheon, mainly because they don't have one. Balance is respected above all but the Sun and Moon goddesses are revered.


Clergy and Temples[edit]

Training doesn't really happen, instead clerics are chosen from the wisest and stables of the congregation and the inauguration ceremony happens almost as soon as the choice is made. Cleric wear pale grey, Druids wear white. Clerics may learn (and usually do learn) druidic.


Lands of Blamakar

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