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Drudge Puppet[edit]

A living creature whose body has been turned to non-living material(s) but then reaniminated as a bonded construct.

A drudge puppet is created by first turning any living creature into non-living material and trapping the soul within it. The captured soul is usually locked inside a charm or gem worth a minimum of 2500 gold per 3 Hit Dice and kept inside the drudge puppet. A few rare cases have trapped the soul in cloth and bottles at the cost of the lowering its ability to move and react. In both cases, the creator molds the matter partially to his liking before animating it with the soul as its power source. With the soul keeping the creature going, it is immune to all dispel effects that would unanimate it.

The creator cannot add any extra appendages to the body but may remove all except the necessary 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 head. Tails, horns, scales and other attributes may be removed as well.

Any physical attribute may be added to the base creature provided they do not grant additional benefits. For example, a drudge puppet with long, straight hair running down it's back may have this hair turned into rubber plates of a similar size if doing so did not grant the drudge puppet any benefits.

The drudge puppet is the unfortunate slave of the person who brought it back to life. Usually the owner of such a creature toys with it existence, unanimating and reanimating it several times before destroying it. On occasion, the construct is freed. This is usually done by killing the owner or tricking him into release it although the owner may voluntarily release a drudge puppet.

How Soul Trapping Works[edit]

Directly after the body is transmuted into non-living material, the soul must be caught in a desirable container costing a minimum of 2500 gold per 3 Hit Dice. The container type is must be the same as whatever material the body has become. For example, a human turned to stone may have his soul trapped in any gem of the appropriate value. After the soul is contained, it must be placed inside the "original" body within 1d4 days or escape. A soul cannot be resurrected while in a container or trapped inside a partial or completed drudge puppet.

Body and Container Types

For ease of use, the more common combination of body and container are listed here. Please note that any material must be formed into a magical container in order to keep the soul from escaping.

-Stone, sand, earth, metal and magma bodies accept gem, metal or glass.

-Dead wood, mud and clay bodies accept clay, wood or cloth.

-Water (in any form) bodies accept only ice containers.

-Glass, crystal and gem bodies accept gold, cold iron or adamantine.

Creating a Drudge Puppet[edit]

This template is always an acquired template. Any creature of Diminutive or smaller size cannot acquire this template. Any creature of Huge or larger size cannot acquire this template. Any creature with the type or subtype construct or undead cannot gain this template. Any living creature with an intact soul can be effected by this template (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

Size and Type[edit]

The base creature retains it's original size and gains the type construct but is still susceptible to sneak attacks and critical hits as a living construct. The base creature loses all elemental and planar types when it's original body is transmuted into non-living material but gains the respective material type. For example, a drudge puppet made of clay will gain the subtype of earth and water.


If the base creature could swim, fly or burrow, it loses those abilities. If any of the abilities were magical the creature may retain them but takes -20 movement speed with -2 maneuverability to a minimum of 10 and poor respectively.

Special Types

Some drudge puppets are made of materials that grant extra movement types. They are as follows:

Steam: A drudge puppet of steam may levitate up to 5 feet above the ground and travel at half speed while doing so. If a drudge puppet has a magical flight ability, it adds 10 feet to its speed and improves its flight by one category.

Water: A drudge puppet of water gains a swim speed of 20 feet provided it is completely submerged. If the drudge puppet has a magical swim ability, it adds 10 feet to its speed. It does not gain water breathing.

Stone & Metal: A drudge puppet of stone gains a burrow speed of 5 feet. If the drudge puppet has a magical burrow ability, it adds 5 feet to its speed.


The base creature loses all save bonuses from race but keeps any that are applied through magical means or classes. If the drudge puppet is freed, all saves are regained.

Hit Dice[edit]

Any racial hit dice are now d6. All class hit dice remain the same.


Drudge Puppets do not alter their movement speed.

Armor Class[edit]

A drudge gains armor only if its body is of metal, stone, gems or ice. In these cases, the it gains +1 natural armor which remains as long as the body is of that material.


If the base creature could use manufactured weaponry, the drudge puppet retains this. If the base creature had any natural attacks retained after creation, these remain the same.

Full Attack[edit]

All attacks are the same as the base creature provided the drudge puppet retained the needed physical features to perform them.

Special Attacks[edit]

Any special attacks of the base creature are lost.

Special Qualities[edit]

All previous special qualities are lost while enslaved. If the drudge puppet is freed, it regains all Senses, Essentia and up to level 1 spells and psionic abilities.

A bonded or released drudge puppet with resistances, damage reduction and/or immunities to energy effects has lower defenses than its base creature. Any resistances the base creature had initially are lowered to a maximum of 5. Any immunities are now a max resistances of 10. Any damage reduction is reduced to a maximum of 10.


Drudge puppets are hardy, bonded creatures while under the control of their creator. Their abilities are wildly variable depending on the material they are crafted from.

Ice, stone, glass and metal drudge puppets are exceptionally hardy but slow. They gain +3 Constitution. They take -2 Dexterity and -4 Charisma to a minimum of 3.

Water, steam and sand drudge puppets are slippery but not as strong nor hardy. They gain +3 Dexterity at a cost of -2 Constitution and -4 Strength to a minimum of 3.

Earth, magma, clay, mud and wood are more rounded than other drudge puppets. They take -2 Charisma (minimum 3) and +2 Constitution.

Gem and specific, expensive ores (ie, gold, adamantine, silver, etc.) tend to be less hardy and flexible than other drudge puppets, but they are more appealing to creators wanting insightful, charming puppets than other material types. They take -2 Constitution (minimum 3), -2 Dexterity (minimum 3) and gain +2 Charisma and +1 Wisdom.


Drudge puppets do not gain nor lose skills of the base creature. Languages of bonded drudge puppets are the same as their owner. Freed drudge puppets regain their previous languages and lose the languages of their owner.


A drudge puppet may have extra appendages or features removed during creation. Any feats taken for these lost features is also lost. For example, a creature with a tail swipe who loses its tail no long qualifies for Weapon Focus (Tail Swipe).


Drudge puppets are found wherever the creator has placed them. Freed drudge puppets are generally travelers looking for someplace to fit in.


Drudge puppets are usually toys to their creators with a few freed exceptions. A creator may have only one drudge puppet under his control for every 4 Hit Dice he has. Younger creators will dismiss unwanted drudge puppets on a whim for a more useful one. Once freed, a drudge puppet regains all memories and skill points of the trapped soul and will act accordingly. Most drudge puppets will remember their time enslaved and generally seek vengeance on the oppressor/creator. In some cases, a creator has been destroyed by several freed drudge puppets banding together, but no actual community has been known to form from these pacts.

Older creators tend to hold onto their drudge puppets until either killed or tricked into releasing them. If the drudge puppet is released by the creator's death, it regains all memories and skill points of the trapped soul, but must spend 1d12 hours stunned from the sudden release.


A drudge puppet who has been been destroyed releases it's capture soul. If this soul is the subject of a resurrection spell, ability or other like effect, it returns as the base creature with applicable class levels as if it were never a drudge puppet. This creature is not immune from obtaining the drudge puppet template at a later time.

Challenge Rating[edit]

Base creature's Challenge Rating divided by 2.




Alignment is retained from creator while enslaved.

A freed drudge puppet may have any alignment. If the base creature had a set alignment, most drudge puppets will retain this.


By character class.

Level Adjustment[edit]

-1 Level Adjustment

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