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Dream walker (Oneiromancer)[edit]

Dream manipulation

Dream Manipulation[edit]

The manipulation of the unconscious mind is a strength that little spellcasters look into. With this in mind, dream walkers are able to cast any person, or thing, unconscious and take over their world very similar to Freddy Kreuger but in this instance: it's less about scaring your foes and more about taking them on personally to make it easier for your team.

Creating a Dream walker (Oneiromancer)[edit]

Quick Build

You can make a Dream Walker quickly by following these suggestions. First, Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by Intelligence. Second, choose the Dimir Operative background. Third, choose a Dagger, Entertainer's pack, a game set and disguise;;(cards)

Class Features

As a Dream Walker you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Dream Walker level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d6 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Dream Walker level after 1st


Armor: light armour
Weapons: simple weaponsa
Tools: Gaming sets, Musical instruments and a disguise kit
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Strength
Skills: Choose two from: Intimidation, Deception, Insight and Arcana


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) A dagger or (b) a quarter staff
  • (a) a musical instrument or (b) a game set
  • (a) a light armour or (b) a cloak with hood or (c) civilian clothes
  • (a) disguise kit or or (b) a trinket of choice
  • If you are using starting wealth, you have 20 cp in funds.

Table: The Dream Walker

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Deep Sleep, Trickery, Dream Realm
2nd +2 Intimidator
3rd +2 Misdirection
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, False Imagery
5th +3 Lucid Archetype
6th +3 Misdirection, conjuration
7th +3 Deep Sleep
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Trickery
9th +4 Misdirection
10th +4 Lucid Archetype
11th +4 Intimidator
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, False Imagery, conjuration
13th +5 Trickery
14th +5 Misdirection
15th +5 Intimidator
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Lucid Archetype, conjuration
17th +6 Trickery
18th +6 Misdirection
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, False Imagery, conjuration
20th +6 Lucid Archetype

Class Features[edit]

Deep Sleep

As a master of dreams, you need a way to get into the unconscious mind. At 1st level, you gain the enchantment spell sleep. Sleep can be cast without materials on other players, creatures and yourself. Sleep duration is increased permanently to 30 minutes and you have at 1st level 2 sleep casts per short rest. Hit dice number is increased by +3d8 and the number of sleep casts per short rest increase by 2 at levels 7, 11 and 15. As the caster you can wake up from sleep when desired without having to be woken, taken damage or the duration wears out. You can also wake creatures and allies up too when in the dream realm, cancelling the sleep spell, this can only be done by the caster or another dream walker.


At 1st level you gain access to 3 cantrips of your choice within the transmutation, illusion and conjuration schools of magic. Each time they are cast any creature within a 10 ft radius and in line of sight must take a charisma saving throw of DC 10 + your charisma or be frightened for 30 minutes. You can only use trickery 2 times per long rest. at levels 8, 13 and 17 you get to pick an additional cantrip within the boundaries and trickery uses are increased by 1 per long rest.

Dream Realm

At 1st level, when you use Deep Sleep on yourself, a player or a creature: you create a dimension which all those affected by deep sleep enter leaving their bodies vulnerable. All other creatures and players must make a Charisma saving throw DC 12 + your charisma to recognize that they are in the dream realm and if failed therefore cannot use cognitive conjure and have disadvantage on saving throws and skill checks until you leave the dream realm. You cannot affect your original dimension whilst in the dream realm ( so opening a door in the dream realm wouldn't open the door to your original dimension). The dream realm takes shape of your original environment which it has been cast from. Movement in the dream realm doesn't move your unconscious body in your original dimension. You can take damage in the dream realm from other players and creatures despite their body being away from you (so when you are hit in the dream realm you are hit in your original dimension despite not being next to the damage inflicter) this counts for all who are under the effects of Deep Sleep in the dream realm. When taking damage in the dream realm you do not wake up. The caster gains +1 AC whilst in the dream realm. When leaving the dream realm, it remains open with any creature inside.


At 2nd level, the dream walker gains the message cantrip (if already selected through trickery pick another within the given boundaries). When the message cantrip is used in the dream realm, it translates to the original dimension only. Any creature within line of sight and within 10ft takes a charisma saving throw of DC 12 + your charisma or be frightened for 30 minutes.


At 3rd level you can use a game set or a musical instrument within 5 ft of a creature or player. you must concentrate for 2 minutes in doing so the creature or player must take a charisma saving throw of DC 12 + your charisma or be put under the effects of Deep sleep despite the limit of uses for deep sleep. You can only affect one creature or player. The creature or player must be in line of sight and you must have their attention. You can do this 2 times per long rest, this increases by 1 at 6th 9th 14th and 18th level.

False Imagery

At 4th level, You can use a disguise kit in the dream realm to change your appearance to any tiny, small, medium or large: beast, fey, aberration, monstrosity and fiend. You do not gain any racial features or abilities of the chosen creature. all creatures within a 20 ft radius in line of sight must take a charisma saving throw of DC 12 + Charisma or be frightened for 30 minutes if the chosen creature is medium or larger. When you're of a size of small or tiny you have double movement speed. You can use this once per long rest and an additional 1 every 12th 19th level.

Cognitive Conjure

At 6th level, as an action you can conjure a weapon or small item in the dream realm at any point. You cannot conjure magic weapons or items. You cannot take anything you've conjured out of the dream realm. If potions are consumed in the dream realm the effects are carried over from the dream realm when exiting. Any creature or player in the dream realm can use cognitive conjure. Players and creatures can use conjuration 3 times. Any dream walker can conjure 3 and an additional 1 at level 12, 16 and 19.

Ability Score Improvement

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Lucid Archetype[edit]

At 5th level, you chose a Lucid archetype. Choose between Dream Warriors, Nightmare and Illusionist detailed at the end of the class description. Your choice grants you features at 5th 10th 16th and again at 20th level.

Dream Warriors[edit]

This subclass focuses on fighting in the dream realm as a group and playing a supportive role.

Team winnings

As a team, at 5th level, when you pull another player into the dream realm you and the ally gain advantage on attack rolls and gain a +1 to AC in addition to having 10 temporary hit points per ally in the dream realm with you.

Fortune teller

At 10th level, When an ally player in the dream realm is hit you can roll 1d4 per Dream walker level and subtract it from the damage being dealt to the player. You can use this 2 times per long rest.

lucky fortune

At 16th level, when Fortune teller is used: the player must take a charisma saving throw of DC 12 + your charisma. On a success, the damage before being subtracted is dealt back to the dealer and no damage is taken by the player.

In your head

At 20th level, youve mastered the skill of healing. As an action in the dream realm, you can heal one ally equal to 3/4 of their hp and give them a temporary +2 to AC for 30 minutes. Once leaving the dream realm the buffs are still applied. You can use this 3 times per long rest.


All the fear you have caused can be put to good use in this subclass


At 5th level, whilst in the dream realm, you can enter a form called phaser. you can turn invisible and move through objects and walls, choosing to appear and disappear at will. During this period you cannot attack and move at half speed. You cannot take damage. When appearing visible to a creature that is frightened within 10ft and in view range, they must take a charisma saving throw of DC 12 + your charisma. upon a fail, they take 4d6 necrotic damage and are incapacitated by their own fear for 5 minutes. Upon a save the player must move 20 ft away from the last visible location of the dream walker on their next turn. The phase lasts 2 minutes and can be used once every time you enter the dream realm.

Dream Demon

At 10th level you can cause hallucinations to a creature that is not in the dream realm whilst you are. While in the dream realm you enter phaser like form but instead you manifest a visible image of yourself in front 1 a desired creature 4 times over the course of 5 minutes. Every time you appear the player must take a charisma saving throw of DC 9 + your charisma + number of times appeared visible to the creature. Whilst doing this you can use trickery which can in addition give disadvantage on the saving throw. On a fail, the creature is under the affects of deep sleep. this can be used once every time you enter the dream realm. On a success, the creature will be frightened for 30 minutes.

fake tools

At 16th level, you see your opponents are using your tools against you. When a creature uses cognitive conjure: they must take an Intelligence saving throw with DC 9 + your intelligence. On a fail, they conjure a weapon or item when used or after 20 minutes the cognitive conjure disintegrates, turns to ash, turns to an abundance of ballons or shatters and is rendered unusable. In addition they can no longer use cognitive conjure until entering the dream realm again.

Never sleep again

At 20th level, you gain full control over the dream realm. Whilst in the dream realm you cannot take damage and you gain 2 x (charisma + intelligence) hp when exiting the dream realm. In addition, You deal double damage in the dream realm.


The focus of drawing your enemy to the dream realm and unleashing havoc

Now you see me

At 5th level, when you are in the dream realm you can use an action to teleport from your current location in the dream realm to the translated location in the original dimension. this teleports your body and renders you conscious in your new location. You can use this 3 times per long rest. In addition, you can create up to 3 hallucinations of yourself ( per long rest ) which last 3 minutes each and are animated to your commands but cannot deal damage. Once hit they disappear into smoke, if a creature has been in line of sight of a hallucination the creature must take a charisma saving throw for DC 12 + your charisma. on a fail, the creature will be frightened of you effect. On a success, all hallucinations disappear until a long rest.

Magic act

at 10th level, when in the dream realm, whilst moving rooms you can create a new environment at will. The environment can be anything and anywhere but can only be accessed but moving into a new room. This can be done as an action and can be done once per entering the dream realm. In addition, you have a sacred place of mind from your dream walkers past: every time you change the environment to that specific memory you gain the following: +1 AC, advantage on saving throws and attack rolls, double movement speed and can take 2 actions on your turn. You can only create this environment twice per long rest.

Its all in your head

At level 16, you can conjure a beast of up to medium size. A target within your line of sight and 20 meters will be chased by the beast. The target has to take an intelligence saving throw of DC 10 + your intelligence. On a fail, the target becomes frightened for 30 minutes and is under the effects of deep sleep regardless of the number of uses for deep sleep. On a save the target it frightened of you for 10 minutes.

How much is real?

At level 20 you are the master of the mind. When in the dream realm, you can change the shape of the landscape for an individual that is frightened. This can be done as an action with unlimited use. In addition, you can summon up to 5 friendly fiends, aberrations or monstrosities with CR up to 8. for 5 minutes. This can be done once per long rest.

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