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Dream crafted[edit]

medium construct, neutral good

Armor Class (natural armor 15)
Hit Points 50
Speed 30ft

15 (+2) 12 (+1) 15 (+2) 10 (+0) 10 (+0) 20 (+5)

Damage Vulnerabilities fire, ice, water and radiant
Damage Resistances bludgeoning,and force
Damage Immunities necrotic, poison and thunder
Condition Immunities poison, paralysis
Senses passive Perception X
Languages can understand any language that the being it is bonded to can understand but it cannot speak and can only write in the languages in a very simple and child like manner usually accompanied by a childish drawing.
Challenge 0 (-3 XP)

Too cute to be threatening. As a large soft child like toy a Dream crafted has disadvantage for intimidation checks and advantage for persuasion checks along with this on a critical fail for intimidation it has a chance to accidentally charm the target( dice role or at the DM's digression) also by association anyone who is seen receiving a hug from the dream crafted has disadvantage for intimidation checks against the observers

Constructed nature as a construct the Dream crafted doesn't require food, water or sleep and is unaffectd by heal spells instead requiring mend spells.

Fear for others When afflicted with the fear condition instead of running away from the creature who applied it a Dream crafted will move to block the creature from getting near the person it is a familiar of


'Healing embrace' grapple: +charisma modifier to healing, reach 5 ft., one target. the dream crafted hugs an ally sharing the energy from its core with them to heal them the process is more effective if the target is bonded to the Dream crafted: X (2d10 + charisma for bonded) or(2d5 + charisma for an unbonded ally) healing.

'Vital orbs' healing: +charisma modifier to healing, reach 20ft in a circle around the user., affects all creatures except constructs within the radius.the dream crafted releases glowing rainbowy bubbles around itself healing those that touch and pop the bubbles granting more health the closer the affected person is to the Dream crafted with a bonded individual becoming healthier than should be possible:(1 d10 + charisma modifier add an extra d4 for every 5ft closer you are to the Dream crafted with those effect granting temp hit points to the person bonded to the Dream crafted) This natural spell has a single spell charge and requires accompanying the bonded person during a long rest to regain it's charge

'Bonk/poof' bludgeoning: + strength modifier to damage. Reach 5 ft., one target. As a basic attack the Dream crafted flails at the tar creature for five hits with or without a held accessory(a small wooden sword, a toy mage staff, a small wooden axe ect) for each hit without a held accessory the Dream crafted does:(1d4 + strength) if it has an accessory for each hit it does:(1d5 + strength)


sweet favour if an ally is about to take a fatal blow and the Dream crafted is less than 20ft away it can throw itself in the way of the attack


The Dream crafted can take 1 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Dream crafted regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Nightmarish awakening When the person or creature the Dream crafted has bonded to is near death because of damage inflicted by another creature or when the Dream crafted is severely mistreated by it's bonded creature it transform into a hellish contraption called a nightmare guardian, its alignment changes to lawful evil and its skills, modifiers, actions, reaction and legendary actions change to that of the nightmare guardian (see the nightmare guardian page for an explanation of skills though it may not exist)

Usually large plush creations crafted for lonely and usually neglected children in a from they find the most comforting by Dream wakers, warlocks with psionic powers who connect to gods of illusion, creation and dreams to allow them to create illusions that have a physical impact on those who are affected by them, how a Dream crafted is made is a dream waker will craft a magical thread from the dreaming desires of a sleeping neglected child they have taken under their care which will then be used to stitch a vaguely teddy bear shaped plush with button eyes the plush then takes on the shape that he child find most comforting before being implanted with a heart shaped gem that will bond with the thread bringing to life a being whose sole purpose is to be with their bonded child and adapt to their changes to stay a life long companion.

Due to the unknown number of dream wakers and the infrequent nature of sightings of them it is considered extremely lucky to find a Dream crafted

Adventurer Dream craft variant A Dream crafted adapts to their bonded person as they change through their life meaning that depending on who the dream crafted is bonded to they will physically change as well as behaviourally, once a Dream crafted's bonded person has died they become inanimate waiting for their next best friend, once they have physical contact with a living creature they imprint on the creature and come to life and will never leave the person or animal alone until death though undead can't bond with a Dream crafted becoming that living creature's familiar. Once it has bonded to a new person it will physically change overnight to represent who it is bonded to and will even summon toy versions of whatever equipment and armor that the class of its new owner usually uses the armor won't affect it's armor rating though.

If you have ever fought a Dream crafted you are likely to find a broken wish gem which appears to be a dull heart shaped gem stone that has been perfectly cracked in two, to get a whole one you need to ask a Dream crafted that has bonded to you to give their's to you which would be hard for them unless you promise that you will give them a new body when the opportunity arises and if you break that promise the wish gem will break and become useless for anything more than giving to collectors.

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