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Dread of a Blood-Painted Sky[edit]

The only thing more frightening than knowing you will die is to find out that you have been bidden to live forever in a nightmare.
—Belmez Hammond, demonic tsuku-master, quote from the book Cemetery Soliloquies.

Prerequisite: Tsuku-Master

Those who choose to become Dreads of a Blood Painted Sky are lead down a dark, foreboding path. They are taught to command the most malicious, unearthly spirits, using fear as a weapon. Hence, their long and foreboding title. Common folk are warned to avoid them at all cost, but most especially when the sun is set. Either only the strongest and most capable, or the most foolish and ignorant, choose to venture along side one who has taken this road.

But they are not necessarily evil. Virtuous Dreads are not unheard of, though they are few. Some take up this title as a means to seem to alarming and fierce, more than they really are. In reality, their guise is all smoke and mirrors. But such should be warned: what they inflict can catch up with them. As a precaution, it is usually a good idea for DBPS who follow a good, lawful good, or neutral deity to ask specifically in prayer for protection against the influence of dark forces, at least twice a day. Those who do not pray for protection can become subject to the influences of the evil forces they control.

But to the truly evil, this path can be a key to gaining power and wicked desires. They imbue themselves with the darkest, most malicious spirits, demons whose sole existence is powered by hate and dread. It's no wonder these conjurers of darkness are also termed "bogeymen." A legend goes that this road gradually drains all empathy and virtue within its follower, causing their heart to become cold stone, and their features to morph hideously. There is truth in that the eyes of long time Dreads sometimes become sunken and empty, with only the faintest glint reflecting off of what emotion used to be there.

Dread of a Blood-Painted Sky Path Features[edit]

Nightmarish Paradigm (11th Level): You gain a +5 class bonus to your intimidate skill.
"I'm afraid it's too late for you to run!" (11th Level): Whenever you spend an action point to take an extra action, you may have the target marked by your tsuku-aura and up to one additional target within 5 squares of you become slowed until the end of your next turn.
Give in to the Fright (16th Level): The first time you become bloodied during an encounter, you may make an intimidate check as an immediate interrupt. All enemies within 2 squares of you who do not succeed against the intimidate check must begin their next turn by moving their full speed away from you if they can.

Nukekubi's Abound Dread of a Blood-Painted Sky Attack 11
You summon a number of floating, disembodied heads with glowing eyes that distract your enemies and put them under a necrotic spell.
Encounter Star.gif Divine, Implement, Necrotic, Charm
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One or two creatures within range
Attack: Charisma Vs. Will
Hit: 2d8 + Charisma modifier necrotic damage. If the target makes an opportunity attack before the end of your next turn, it takes necrotic damage equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier.
Oni-Obake: The damage taken by the target if it makes an opportunity attack is 4 + your Charisma modifier necrotic damage.

Noppera-Obake: Targets hit by the attack suffer a -2 penalty to their next saving throw.

Form of Sheer Ugliness Dread of a Blood-Painted Sky Utility 12
After having been hit by enough attacks, you begin to melt and bubble, transforming into something so grotesque and ugly that those marked by your tsuku-aura will have trouble getting a good attack on you, let alone any attacks at all.
Encounter Star.gif Divine, Charm, Fear
Immediate Interrupt Personal
Trigger: You become bloodied
Effect: You transform into a frightening, grotesque abomination until the end of your next turn. As long as you maintain this form, whenever a creature marked by your tsuku-aura attempts to make any attack against you, it must first roll a basic saving throw with a -1 penalty to it. If the creature does not succeed at making the save, then it cannot gain combat advantage over you or get critical hits against you until the start of its next turn. You may end your grotesque form as a free action.
Sustain Minor: The form persists.

Corpse from the Well Dread of a Blood-Painted Sky Attack 20
You conjure the form of a simple door or well, but crawling out of it is an absolutely horrid, nightmare inducing kyokotsu (the spirit of someone who was murdered and then thrown inside of a basement or a well). Credit for this power goes to both the legend of the kyokotsu in Japanese mythology and to the 2002 film The Ring.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Implement, Summoning
Standard Action Ranged 10
Effect: You summon the form of a door or a well in an unoccupied square up to 10 squares away. Climbing out of it is the form of a kyokotsu, which has defenses equal to all of your defenses minus 5, a speed of 5, and hit points equal to 15 + your bloodied value. Any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to the kyokotsu must make an immediate basic saving throw with a -2 penalty, or else it is immobilized in fear until the start of its next turn. The door or well disappears at the end of the turn you conjure it, but the kyokotsu does not. You can give the kyokotsu the following special commands.
Special: Minor Action: Melee 1; targets one creature; Charisma vs. Reflex; 1d12 + Charisma modifier necrotic and fear damage, and the target is grabbed. If the target does not successfully make the basic saving throw at the beginning of its turn, then it cannot escape the grab that turn. To escape the grab, the target must make a strength check of at least 10 + your half level + your Charisma modifier, or else it is unsuccessful.

Standard Action (Daily Attack): Close burst 2 around the kyokotsu; targets each creature in burst except you and up to 3 allies; your intimidate vs. each target's will; 4d4 + Charisma modifier fear damage, and the target is stunned until the end of your next turn; Miss: necrotic and fear damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

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