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Dread Gazebo[edit]

This small wooden structure, usually in meadows and fields, emits a powerful aura of dread to targets nearby.

Creatures within 50 feet of the Gazebo must make a Wisdom check with a DC of 15 to avoid its effects. They must reroll at a disadvantage when they enter the Gazebo. If the creature succeeds both of these rolls, it is immune to the effects of the Gazebo for 24 hours.

Creatures effected by the Gazebo suffer the following effects:

  • Detection spells such as Detect Evil and Good turn up numerous false positives.
  • Creatures feel a sense of Dread. Players controlling affected creatures must make Perception rolls with no DC every now and then.
  • After spending an hour in the Gazebo's influence, and every hour afterwards, targets must make a Wisdom check with a DC of 15, or be Frightened of an unseen presence outside of the Gazebo's field of influence
  • Affected creatures will consider the couch inside the Gazebo to be comfier than it actually is
  • Every hour a frightened creature spends in the Gazebo's radius, it takes 1d10 psychic damage until it stops being frightened. Creatures reduced to 0 HP in this way suffer a vision of being devoured by the Gazebo and die of fright.

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