Draught of the Temporal Titan (3.5e Equipment)

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Draught of the Temporal Titan: You tip back the flask, its contents burning like fire all the way down. Time slows around you, congealing into a solid mass that precludes any attack. Then, within that tumor of frozen time, your body changes. Thick, oily tendrils erupt from your flesh, creating a slick, ever shifting avatar that holds you within its iron breast.

  • Frozen time dissipates after you make one attack
  • increase your size category by 1 for every 10 strength, and add 1d12+2 times your strength modifier in attack for each category you rise. This lasts for two turns.
  • But with every boon there comes a curse. After the effects wear off, reduce your AC by half, and your HP by a quarter. This lasts until you take an extended rest.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Market Price: 120 pp each

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