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Symbol: Triple Triangle
Home Plane: unknown
Alignment: Good
Portfolio: God of a new breed of dragons in which have very few weaknesses.

Also god of 100 different planes of existence in which he created with a certain crystal. Called En-gan it gives the holder power to create and destroy planes and become a god.

Clergy Alignments: {{{calign}}}
Domains: High mountains and his planes
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Massive in every way; knowledge of all things past, present, and future; change self into a large man.


Born as a gold dragon, Dranconic Soi wished for the stopping of the murdering of his people and his race. So he went out in search for the strongest Mage and the god of his people to create a gem of power called "En-gan" that would infuse into him and create a new breed of dragons that couldn't be killed by man, beast, or god without proper reasons. Such as killing in cold blood or destroying others lives. But if they did then they would be stripped of their immortality and killed by the gods Godslayer.

Many years later the new race of dragons became to powerful that they started a war with the high gods, since the power of the gem flowed through all of their veins they were able to deny the stripping effect and dominate at this battle but Dranconic Soi wouldn't allow the murdering of his fellow gods so he flew in and stopped every last child of his but the one who escaped. Patheria, the Apocalypse; whom escaped from Dranconic Soi is the last of his children and the strongest. Dranconic Soi's last wish is to stop his last child to ensure the survival of all right and wrong...


Destroy nothing and learn everything

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Dragons worship this God and so do all other creatures of dragon blood

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