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Dragonkin are Humanoids born of dragons, they are a mix of Half-dragons and Ancient Draconic creatures.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6"-7'8"
Average Weight: 120-600
Ability Scores: Variable
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Dragonic
Skill Bonuses: Variable
You Have to choose one of the dragonkins Descends.
All dragons have a strong giant form. So will you.

You gain the Racial power Dragonform.

All dragons belong to either Chromatic or Metallic dragons.

At the start of your adventure you need to choose one of the two options, Chromatic dragons gain a +1 to speed, while metallic dragons get 10 bonus hp.

You gain one of these powers based on which descent you have chosen.

Dragonforme Dragonkin Utility {{{level}}}
You show your true nature and power when provoked, not caring for the consequences.
Encounter Star.gif Psionic
Minor Action Self
Requirement: You must not be bloodied.
Effect: You gain a +1 to all defences, +1 to reach and range and become large. You lose half your healing surge value hp per round.
Special: While in this form, all special effects that work on dragons work on you as well. This form stops only when you go down, die or take a short rest. Also the defence bonusses become +2 on level 11 and +3 on level 21. The damage taken from this effect cannot be reduced nor stopped in any way.

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Everlasting Breath Dragonkin Attack {{{level}}}
You use the powerfull breath that others of your kind lack.
Encounter Star.gif Primal
Free Action Ranged 2
Trigger: An enemy moves within 2 squares of you
Prerequisite: You must have chosen the Everlasting heritage
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: Constitution, strength or wisdom+2 Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10+ chosen mod
Special: The bonus to hit becomes +4 at level 10, +6 at 20 and +8 at 30th level additionally you gain an extra damage die at 11th and 21st level.

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Flying strike Dragonkin Utility {{{level}}}
Your wings allow you to gain speed and flight, to increase your speed and thus also your damage.
Free Action Melee 1
Trigger: You hit an enemy with an attack
Prerequisite: You must have chosen the Wyverning heritage
Requirement: You hit an enemy with an attack
Target: The target hit by the attack
Effect: You deal 1(w) or 1 damage die extra.
Special: This deals 2(w) or 2damage die extra at 21st level.

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Magic trick Dragonkin Attack {{{level}}}
You show everyone a "nice partytrick".
Daily Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Ranged 10
Prerequisite: You must have chosen the Fay descendent feature.
Primary Target: An enemy creature
Attack: Dexterity +2 Vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d4+ int mod damage
Secondary Target: Same target
Secondary Attack: Charisma or intelligence Vs. <will.
Hit: The enemy is stunned till the end of ITS turn.
Special: Increase damage die to d6's at 11th and to d8's at 21st level

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Elemental Explosion Dragonkin Attack {{{level}}}
You leave destruction in your wake, even when in despair.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Reliable
Immediate Interrupt Burst 5
Trigger: Your hp gets reduced to or beyond 0
Prerequisite: catastrophic descendent
Target: All other creatures in burst
Effect: 1d10+ str
Special: When you choose this power, you choose a damage type. This attacks damage is that type. This attack deals an extra damage die at 11th and 21st level.

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Arcane overload Dragonkin Attack {{{level}}}
Your experimental heritage makes you more adept at the use of arcane powers.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Implement
Free Action Ranged Any
Prerequisite: Undead descendent
Target: Target hit by attack
Special: This attack deals your enchantment bonus from items and damage from (arcane/implement)feats extra as well.

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Vengefull Breath Dragonkin Attack {{{level}}}
Your hatred is carried so deeply that you find your inner draconic powers.
Encounter Star.gif Psionic, Reliable
Immediate Interrupt Ranged Any
Trigger: You become bloodied
Requirement: You must be bloodied
Primary Target: The enemy that bloodied you
Effect: You deal force damage equal to the damage you took+ your 1/2 level

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You may choose a SINGLE descent from which you are born/shapen.

Ancient Dragon descendent.

Ability scores: +2 constitution and either strength or Wisdom
Skill bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 insight
Everlasting heritage: You are a descendent from the everlasting dragons, Dragons known for their immortality and Stone-like Scales. These features Are able to be found back into you.
You gain the Unending Scales Racial Feature.

Unending scales As an everlasting dragon your vitality and armor are unmatched by any race. You gain a +1 racial bonus to ac, this becomes a +2 at 21st level.

You gain the Everlasting breath Racial power.
You gain the immortal origin.

Wyvernic Descendent.

Ability scores: +2 Dexterity and either Strength or Charisma
Skill bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 perception
Rampant heritage: You are a descendent from the powerfull wyverns, Wyverns are known for their rapid flight and poisonous capability. These features are easily tracable back into you.
You gain the Venomous injection Racial feature.

Venomous injection As a partial wyvern you have gained the poisonous gland your ancestors had, allowing you to use deadly toxins in battle. You can use your tail as a weapon. It deals 1d4+dex poison damage and counts as a light blade.

You gain the Flying strike Racial power.
You gain the natural origin.

Fay descendent.

Ability scores: +2 Dexterity And either Charisma or intelligence
Skill bonuses: +2 stealth, +2 arcana
Faerie dragon Heritage: You are a descendent from the Dragons in the feywild, These dragons often spout vibrant colours and are known for their playfull yet safe nature. These features are easily visible in your appearance.
You gain the Vibrant colours Racial feature.

Vibrant colours Your beautifull coloured feathers and scales look magnificent, however they can have a distracting effect at your foes. You gain a +2 to diplomacy checks to persuade or charm a person. Also opponents targeting your reflex have a -1 to attack rolls.

You gain the Magic trick Racial power.
You gain the fey origin.

Catastrophic descendent.

Ability scores: +2 Strength and either Charisma or Constitution.
Skill bonuses: +2 athletics, +2 intimidate.
Destruction heritage: You are a descendent of the Catastrophic dragons, Dragons with powers to shake and shape parts of the world to their will Disregarding smaller creatures. These features are retracable in your powers. You gain the Armor of the elements Racial feature.

Armor of the elements "The elements will protect me" shouts an catastrophic dragonkin, and he is right, as he shouts this, his skin gets enveloped by scales made out of pure fire. You gain resist 5+1/2 to 1 of these damage types: Fire,Cold,Lightning, Or force.

You gain the Elemental explosion Racial power.
You gain the elemental origin.

Undead descendent.

Ability scores: +2 intelligence and either charisma or strength.
Skill bonuses: +2 bluff, +2 dungeoneering. Undead heritage: You are a "project" made by a dracolich. Dragonkin conceived this way are conceived dead at birth as they are still the child of an undead creature. This is visible (and smellable) in/by you.
You gain the Undeath warding Racial feature.

Undeath Warding You screech once, and as you do, most living creatures feel their skin crawl. You gain a +2 to intimidate checks against living creatures. You also gain necrotic resist equalt to 5+1/2 level.

You gain the Arcane overload Racial power.
You gain the undead origin.

Scaleless descendent.

Ability scores: +2 wisdom and either strength or intelligence.
Skill bonuses: +2 heal, nature.
Scaleless heritage: You are a disgrace to the Dragonkin. You were born without the draconic scales and skin colour. You look like a human.
You gain the Scaleless perfection Racial feature.

Scaleless perfection All the other dragons have giant scales and strong leatherlike wings. You lack these features, But with every negative comes something positive. You instead of gaining low light vision have blindsight 15. You have no other sight except for this. You also lose 1 ac but gain a +1 to all other defences instead.

You gain the Vengefull Breath Racial power.
You have no specific origin.


<!-History. Mostly in history are tales known of giant dragons, and warriors who slain or submit these giant beasts. But what if these warriors were partially born/made with the blood of these beasts? They become a draconic race, now as we all know these draconic races arent too uncommon, however most dragons hate these races with a passion! And then you have the dragonkin, the mixture of a dragon and a draconic race. These breeds have so many influences from different heritages that every other dragonkin is different in some way.

Most dragonkin have a more lonesome existence for they are hated by most races in the world. Even most draconic races have a genreal dislike towards the race. However dragons react differently to these weird humanoid creatures. Dragons seem to have taken a liking towards these creatures, teaching them some of their knowledge. Some dragons care better for them then others. This is why every dragonkin seems to have a different point of view on life.

The race used to be hated furiosly throughout the world, not being accepted in cities and villages. This has calmed down a bit, but they still are subject to hate and racism from other races, especially from Dwarfs and dragonborne. This normally doesnt bother them as they are used to it, altough it has been known that dragonkin lashed out at particulary hatefull comments. One such example was when a sorcerer dragonkin burned down an entire village after they charged after it with pitchforks and torches.

As dragonkin are still a very rare crossbreed, they havent founded any civillizations of themselves. As such there isn't a lot of knowledge written down of these creatures.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Dragonkin vary greatly in appearence, most dragonkin gain certain features because of their heritage. There are few features they share, the fact that they all have a tail and wings. Their tail can vary of being 3 feet long and strong and wide, to having a 6 feet long slim tail. Their wings again vary between strong Devil-like wings, to small batlike webbed membrame-like wings. Also, all dragonkin except for the fay dragonkin have claws instead of normal feet. Catastrophic,scaleless and wyvernic dragonkin mostly have claw-like hands as well.

Everlasting Dragonkin normally have strong stonelike scales scattered around their body. They usually also have 2 big horns. Their skin colours are the same as humans. Their hair colour can vary from white to black. With brownish tints. Their eyecolours are mostly grey,brown or amber. When in dragonforme, they take the appearance of a fully scaled dragon iwth giant wings and huge horns. Their scales look like stone plates in this form.

Wyvernic Dragonkin have very sharp teeth, and small scales around their abdominal and neck area. They mostly have no horns, and otherwise a maximum of 4 small horns. Their skin colours are mostly a greenish or yellowish tint. Their hair colour is Blonde, Brown or black. Their eyecolours are mostly red,green or black. Wyvernic dragons in dragonform merge their wings and fore-arms. Their tail grows out more and they become more bestial-like.

Catastrophic dragonkin Have very pronounced muscles and a leathery/scaly skin. They have horns. Their skin colours are in the blue,red,white and brown tints. Their hair is often black and dark brown. Their eyecolours are often black or blue. They are by far the biggest looking dragonkin in dragonform. Their fore-arms turn into giantclawed frontlegs, and they grow more horns on their head and gain a spiked backrow.

Fay dragonkin often have vibrantly coloured feathers around their neck area and vibrantly scales scattered around their body. They dont have horns, they mostly have antenne-like appendages. Their skin colour is humanlike. Their hair colours can be of any colour. Their eye colour can be, red,green,blue,brown,yellow or purple. They also have pointed ears like elves or eladrin. In dragonforme their feathers also spread to the tip of their tail and on their wings.

Undead Dragonkin often have bonelike scales on the inside of their knees and elbows. They have bonelike horns on their head. Their skin colour is usually in the blue,grey or white tints. Their hair colour is black. Their eye colour is mostly black, grey or red. In dragonfrome they seem to lose all their flesh and skin, and look fully like a dracolich. Their eyes start glowing blue and they are a fully developed dragon-skeleton.

Scaleless Dragonkin aren't adorned with scales at all. They are scaleless albino dragonkin. They have bonelike horns on their head, of which there are at least 2 and at most 6. Their skincolour is always white. Their hair colour is always white. Their eye colour is always red or pure white. They are blind, and their wings are always membrame like. Also they are known to have seeable blood under their skin. In dragonforme, they become larger, trade their fore-arms for fore-legs, and grow 4 more wings. They have a small layer of crystal surround their body.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Most Dragonkin believe they are meant for greatness, not because they think they are better then other races, but because of the fact that they are rare creatures, born of creatures of legends. They normally disregard laws of countries as they do not believe that there should be any special laws. They believe a good mindset and normal knowledge should mean you dont do stupid idiotic things. They normally have a care-free attitude about everything as they normally are hated anyway, and they dont care enough to prove themselves to everyone in their path. All dragonkin variants except the scaleless, see the scaleless as lesser dragonkin because they were born blind and without any scales.

Dragonkin Communities[edit]

As the race is a very rare appearance, they dont come together in big groups. Seeing they also love to travel alot and dislike to settle down anywhere they dont have the mindset to start a community. However if multiple dragonkin are together, they always care for eachother, even for the scaleless, as they still see echother as one family. Often if multiple of them come together they will try stupidly hard tasks even to the brim of impossible, Ranging from hydras to trying to take down the entire cult of orcus. They are also known to become very protective of their race once they are together, where they first didnt care about insults to their race, they will react aggressively when someone talks badly about dragons and/or dragonkin.

Dragonkin Adventurers[edit]

Dragonkin adventurers often went on an adventure because they travel around alot, they get pulled into a party, or a quest. They will want to do it on their travels as a hobby one could say, they do it for fun.

Druid: Everlasting and scaleless Dragonkin make great Druids. Everlasting dragonkin usually are jolly and happy adventurers, roaming carelessly around the world because they are alone this way without the the stress from citylife. Scaleless Druids become adventurers because when they are in animal form it isnt visible they are scaleless dragonkin, making life easier for them as they can be honest about their druidic nature. Scaleless and Everlasting dragonkin make great druids because of their ability scores, where scaleless also gain bonusses to most defences, and everlasting supplement the normal defences a druid has with their bonus to ac.

And to be honest, really any class works pretty well with the Dragonkin, at least with 1 if not 2 variants.

Dragonkin adventurers are mostly wanderers and nomads, because they dislike city life, stocking up on stuff during the time they pass by a town. In parties dragonkin are mostly seen as emotionless, not caring for normal things, unless in a dragonkin party, or party with another dragonkin, in which the 2 dragonkin will defend eachother even if it costs them their life. They care not for things as gold and other possesions unless they are special in a way.

Roleplaying a Dragonkin[edit]

When creating a Dragonkin adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

<!-Lead text.-> <!-Description. Why does this roleplaying point relate to the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for characters of the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for the party?->

<!-Lead text.-> <!-Description. Why does this roleplaying point relate to the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for characters of the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for the party?->

<!-Lead text.-> <!-Description. Why does this roleplaying point relate to the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for characters of the race? What does this roleplaying point mean for the party?->

Dragonkin Characteristics: Carefree, Jolly, Adventerous, nomadic, reckless and Protective

Dragonkin Male Names: Alexander, Brisingr, Galbatorix, Murtagh, Seeth, Temeraire, Ybrosen

Dragonkin Female Names: Alexstraza, Clovern, Gaeleshen, Islanzadi, Sindri, Varden, Zarrose

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