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April Fools!
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Donny T[edit]

Medium humanoid (Human), chaotic evil "thinks he's lawful good"

Armor Class 10 (Suit, Natural Armor)
Hit Points 16 (2d8)
Speed 20 ft.

8 (-1) 8 (-1) 10 (+0) 1 (-5) 1 (-5) 16 (+3)

Skills Intimidation +5 Deception +10 Performance +5 Persuasion +5
Damage Immunities Psychic
Condition Immunities Charmed
Senses Through his sheer power of self belief he can see everything around him for 50 ft. no matter the condition, or at least he thinks he can...
Languages Broken Common
Challenge 2 (200 XP)

I'm the Greatest: Advantage on all Spell Saves

Minion master: Always start combat with at least 4 Yes Men who will do anything for him.

Avoid Blame: Anytime Donny T. takes damage that would reduce him to or past 0. Donny T. will pick one Yes Man (if any are alive) to take all of that damage instead.

Like a Snake: Donny T. can Disengage from any attacker without causing an Opportunity Attack.

Waste of Time(Optional): For every round after the 1st that the fight persists all player combatants lose 5 experience and will lose 20 experience each if Donny T. flees.

I'm in Charge: Donny T. does not roll for initiative, he always has last action for each round. (Mass Confusion does not count as his action.)

Coward: Donny T. will hide behind the nearest cover even if it has to be one of his Yes Men and has advantage on rolls to flee (will attempt to flee if MORE than half his Yes Men have died)


Mass Confusion: A master of misdirection at the beginning of combat, after initiative has been assigned. Donny T. takes this action: AoE range 60 ft. from caster. All creatures within range must make a Intelligence or Wisdom save (players choice) Spell save DC 15. On on success no effect, on fail Player/creature(s) will attack the closest target (except Donny T) Duration 1 round. (cooldown 4 rounds)

Do my Bidding: Uses his action to force one Yes Man who has already taken an action to take another action.(Yes Man loses it's next turn)


All Men Left Behind: Donny T attempts to flee after a Yes Man dies (If that reduces their numbers to LESS then half)

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"I am the chosen one...!"

Pudgy Humanoid 5'5" 220 lbs. Thinning Blonde Hair that doesn't seem real. Orange Skin also doesn't seem real. Always wears a suit, and seems out of place. Donny T may seem reasonable at first, but if you don't agree with him...

"It's my way or the highway!"

Donny T will always cast Mass Confusion given the chance. He will move to hide behind any cover (including Yes Men) and move away from any attackers. He gets others to do his dirty work. Using Do my Bidding at every opportunity. Every now and then due to his low Intelligence, he'll have one Yes Man attack another. After MORE than half of his Yes Men have died he will always continue to try to flee.

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