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These feats are designed for the Technique Powers (3.5e Variant Rule).

Table: Technique Powers (3.5e Variant Rule) feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
- Improved Technique Forming (3.5e Feat) Be a Technician Reduces the casting time of techniques at the cost of 1 additional technique point.
- Foreign Technique Study (3.5e Feat) Intelligence 12, Be a Technician Allows technicians to learn techniques not of their technician class.
- Improved Foreign Technique Study (3.5e Feat) Intelligence 12, Foreign Technique Study (3.5e Feat), Be a Technician Familiarizes the technician in foreign styles of techniques reducing penalties for using foreign techniques.
- Advanced Natural Techniques (3.5e Feat) Have the natural techniques class skill. Learn natural techniques every 2 rather than every 3 levels.
- Sanguine Punishment (3.5e Feat) bility to use 4th-level Bender of the Sanguine Techniques. You can manipulate your blood to be used as a stealthy weapon.

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