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Hex Feats: Hex feats require class features of the Hexblade, such as Curse and Aura of Unluck.

Name Prerequisite(s) Summary

Curse of the Poisoned Blade Increase the DC of all poisons you craft with the craft (poisonmaking) skill

Curse the Heretics Your curse is stronger when it is powered by divine energy.

Extend Aura of Unluck You are able to maintain your Aura of Unluck longer than most.

Extra Aura of Unluck You may use your Aura of Unluck more frequently than normal.

Extra Hexblade's Curse You may use your hexblade’s curse more frequently than normal.

Hexing Strider You're a woodsman with the ability to curse your enemies, especially your favorite ones.

Hexsinger Your hexblade powers work well with your bard training.

Improved Aura of Unluck Your Aura of Unluck is stronger.

Life of the Cursed Gain additional uses of the Hexblade's curse

Piercing Hex

Spellcaster Curse

Widen Aura of Unluck
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