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Fighter Feats: Fighter feats are those that pertain to skill in martial combat. Fighters may choose among these feats when gaining a bonus feat from their class. These feats are also available to any class that meets the prerequisites, unless otherwise specified.

Melee & Ranged Attack Feats[edit]

These feats improve any kind of attack, both melee and ranged.

Table: Melee & Ranged Attack Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
3.78 Accurate Attack BAB +6 You can sacrifice one attack for greater accuracy on the next.
4.45 Armor Penetration Int 13, BAB +4, Combat Expertise You are skilled at seeking out weak points in your opponent’s armor. *
4.38 Attack Focus BAB +6 You may sacrifice mobility and attacks to increase your ability to hit.
4.35 Bleeding Critical BAB +8, Improved Critical Your strikes can cause someone to bleed to death. *
3.90 Bloodletting Weapon Focus Your strikes can cause someone to bleed to death. *
4.08 Bonded Weapon BAB +8, Improved Critical (with Weapon), Proficient With Weapon, Weapon Focus (with Weapon), Weapon Specialization (with Weapon) You have used a single weapon so much that you have formed an almost spiritual bond with that specific weapon.
3.80 Called Shot Dex 13 You do more damage with pinpoint attacks.
3.95 Combat Precision BAB +1, Dex 13 You can sacrifice power for accuracy. *
3.62 Deft Lunge Dex 13, Combat Expertise You are trained to take advantage of openings in an opponent's defenses
4.28 Enable Criticals - You have learned to score critical hits on unusual creature types.
- Exotic Weapon Training Martial Weapon Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, BAB +4. Gain proficiency in all exotic weapons.
- Force Against Force Power Attack, BAB +12 Dispel force effects and wreck objects.
4.55 Gigantic Weapon BAB +3, Str 15 You are proficient at wielding extremely large weapons.
- Greater Critical Proficient with weapon, base attack bonus +16. You increase your critical multiplier.
4.00 Hobbling Attack BAB +4, Int 13 Your attacks can slow down an opponent. *
- Melee Competent Must be taken at First Level You have become competent through training to draw power from a chosen ability and use it for melee or ranged basic weapon attacks.
3.25 One Spirit BAB +6 You are skilled at quickly compensating for errors in your fighting style. *
4.00 Savage Critical BAB +5, Str 13, Power Attack, Weapon Focus Your critical hits are more powerful. *
3.90 Weapon Reliability BAB +10, Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus Your skill with your chosen weapon means that you don’t miss the easy ones.
- Unerring Weapon Int 13, Weapon Focus with weapon, Weapon Specialization with weapon, Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +12 Auto-confirm critical hits with chosen weapon.

Top-level feats in this list are organized alphabetically

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