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Defensive Feats are feats that help you defend yourself in melee or ranged combat.

Defensive Feats[edit]

These feats make you harder to hit, or otherwise improve your defenses. A feat is listed here even if it only applies, say, while using a ranged weapon.

Table: Defense Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
4.24 Acrobatic Defense Dex 13, Tumble 8 ranks You are an expert at defending yourself from attacks.
3.93 Aggressive Defense BAB +1, Dex 13 You have mastered using your weapons defensively without sacrificing accuracy.
4.35 Armed Deflect Arrows Dex 13, Weapon Focus You can deflect arrows, including crossbow bolts, spears and other shot or thrown weapons - with your chosen weapon.
4.60 Armor Focus BAB +1, Proficient With Armor You move around in a certain type of armor without effort.
- Armor Manipulation Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Shield Proficiency Convert special armor properties into defensive bonuses.
4.20 Avoidance Dex 15, BAB +6, Tumble 8 ranks, Dodge, Combat Expertise, Mobility, Spring Attack You do not provoke attacks of opportunity moving past opponents. *
4.45 Back To Back BAB +2 You shield your allies' vulnerabilities in combat.
3.65 Blade Defense Weapon Focus (any One Blade Weapon) You have mastered the art of defending yourself with a blade.
- Blood Splattered - You wear your enemy's blood proudly.
- Bodyguard Combat Expertise, Dex 13 Defend others as you fight.
4.30 Combat Rotation Dodge, Mobility, Base attack bonus +3, Medium size or smaller You can switch places with an ally as a move action.
4.05 Improved Combat Rotation Combat Rotation, Dodge, Mobility, Base attack bonus +3, Medium size or smaller. Instead of a 5 ft step, you can switch places with an ally.
4.68 Controlled Charge - You can still remain defensive when charging.
4.12 Defense Specialization Weapon Focus (with melee weapon), Weapon Specialization (with melee weapon), Fighter level 12th You have mastered using your chosen weapon for defense.
3.90 Defensive Disarm Combat Expertise, Int 13, Improved Disarm When attacked with a weapon, you may attempt to disarm the foe attacking you.
4.20 Defensive Study Coming Soon Allows you to use your intelligence modifier instead of your dexterity modifier for armor class adjustments.
3.90 Defensive Sunder Coming Soon When attacked with a weapon, you may attempt to break the weapon.
- Deflecting Move Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility Reduce attacks of opportunity as you move.
4.60 Dexterous Dodge Coming Soon You are skilled at dodging attacks.
4.70 Ducking Shot Coming Soon You are skilled at dodging while using your ranged weapon.
- Energy Deflection Shield Proficiency Gain ER from your shield.
- Exercise Regime Con 13, Great Fortitude Improve Fort save while wearing armor.
3.85 Fencing Stance Coming Soon You defend well with a single weapon light weapon.
3.90 Immediate Dodge Coming Soon You may spontaneously elect to dodge incoming attacks that you are aware of.
4.82 Improved Deflect Arrows Coming Soon You can deflect arrows several times in a round.
4.60 Improved Dodge Coming Soon Your Dodge feat bonus applies against all attackers.
3.76 Lightning Parry Coming Soon You use your lightning-quick strikes for defense instead of attack.
4.20 Main Gauche Coming Soon Defend with an off-hand weapon.
- Mind Shield Heavy Shield proficiency, ability to create a mindblade, BAB +1. Using the same method as with your mindblade, you create a sheet of psionic semi-solid energy that functions as a heavy shield.
4.20 Missile Proof Coming Soon You may block projectiles easily with your shield.
- Overbear Combat Expertise, Str 13 This grants a +2 shield bonus to AC when wielding a two-handed weapon.
4.20 Quicksilver Coming Soon You are truly adept at dodging blows and avoiding damage in combat.
- Rushing Parry Overbear, Str 15 You are able to make a parry that bull rushes your opponent.
4.28 Shield Cover Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Shield Proficiency You can use your shield to prevent an opponent from making attacks of opportunity against you.
4.08 Shield Defender Coming Soon You can shield your friends in combat.
3.44 Shield Edge Deflection Coming Soon You have learned to use your shield to stop touch attacks.
4.05 Shield Evasion Coming Soon You gain a limited evasion ability when using a large shield.
3.75 Shield Expertise Coming Soon You get extra benefit from your shield.
4.65 Shield Focus Coming Soon You use shields without effort.
4.07 Shield Harmony Coming Soon You absorb the brunt of incoming damage with your shield.
4.04 Shield Mastery Coming Soon You are especially proficient in blocking attacks with your shield.
4.48 Shield Skill Coming Soon You are particularly skilled at defending yourself with a shield.
4.00 Skirmishing Coming Soon You have mastered the art of skirmishing, ducking and weaving while returning accurate shots of your own.
3.85 Spinning Weapon Defense Coming Soon Your mastery of the double-weapon has developed into a dance-like fighting style that makes you difficult to flank successfully.
- Trained Stance BAB +3 Greatly improve Balance.
3.62 Weapon Brace BAB +2 By bracing your weapons together, you can resist a Sundering attack more effectively.
4.15 Whirlwind Defense Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, BAB +4 You are adept at defending yourself against multiple opponents.

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