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Name Race Levels Description
10th Carpi Human Cleric 1 A 10th Carpi is a new member to the Cult of Vecna.
Apprentice Artisan human expert 1 Apprentice artisans, usually found working for a master artisan.
Average Town Guard human warrior 1 Typical Guard for a human town.
City Guard human warrior 2 Typical Guard for a human city.
Goblin Elite Cavalry goblin fighter 1 Tougher than normal goblins who work as elite cavalry for goblin warbands.
Goblin Elite Thug goblin warrior 1 Tougher than normal goblins who work as bodyguards for aspiring bad guys.
Journeyman Artisan human expert 3 An average traveling artisan.
Kobold Trickster Kobold Rogue 1 Kobold Tricksters are experts at making and using tricks and traps.
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