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Name Race Levels Description
Argyle Whitebeard dwarf Paladin 16 Dwarven Paladin
Chraël-Här Doppelganger Anti-Paladin_(3.5e_Class) 8 Warshapper 5
Kauld Mordakai Human Warrior Monk 8 / Battle Brother 8 Battle Brother of the Eight fold path
Kilaloorak whale monstrous humanoid 3, fighter 2, hulking hurler 3, master thrower 5, exotic weapon master 1. spellwarped creature (+3 LA, 1 bought off so +2) Anthropomorphic Whale.
Kruak Magim centaur Fighter 16 Centaur Fighter.
Lily Frost necropolitan bard 2/cleric 10/dirgesinger 4 Priestess of the Evening Glory in Epitaph.
Ridok Redbeard dwarf Paladin 16 Dwarven Paladin.
Rual Saurfang orc Fighter 16 Orc Fighter.
Sai'quel Human Shadowcaster 16 A sample member of the ruling caste of Dreden marsh.
Sorenth "Happy" Gorender human vampire Rogue 8, Guild Thief 5 Minor Leader of the Black Mask of Westgate (Forgotten Realms), The Count of Coins
Spartus Hoplite
Tjaerou human sun school monk 5/cleric 9/thief-acrobat 2 Abbot of the Pelor monastery in Cairn.
Tural Remiel Aasimar Sorcerer 12, Mystic of the Mirror 3. Upon the ridge stands a lone figure, his long, white travelling cloak whipping around him in the wind.
Voice of Corruption Halfling Villainous Spellcaster 16 This evil priestess seeks to destroy the world.
War Lord Kell human Fighter 16 Human Fighter.
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