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Dirkitt (Dirkittia)[edit]


Dirkittia are born on the Plane of Chaos, generally on a whim of the parents. They are fully-formed and cognizant upon birth, capable of caring for themselves from the start. They were the created on a whim by one of the many gods of Chaos (even they aren't certain which one) out of a mixture of dragon with horse, deer, and snake. When a dirkitt becomes bored of the chaos of their home plane, they can influence a mortal to cast a summoning, which ties their souls to that of the summoner. The dirkitt is then called to the plane that the summoner is on, and is bound to that person until the summoner dies, or the dirkitt's bond is passed to a blood relative of the summoner. The dirkitt must agree to the bequeathing, or else they automatically revert back to their home plane. When a dirkitt "dies," they become a ball of magical energy, which follows their soulbonded for a period of one week, whereupon the dirkitt re-forms as they were before they "died."

Physical Description[edit]

Dirkittia tend towards the large side, being quadrupedal creatures somewhat resembling a strange type of dragon. A young adult dirkitt will be seven or eight feet tall, with no size difference between males and females, and tend to grow larger as they age. They come in a variety of colors, usually linked to their breath and venom (EG: one with fire breath and venom will be reddish or orangeish, an ice-user will be pale blue, etc). Their bodies are covered with snakelike scales, with large "plates" along the backs of their necks, front of their chests, and front of their faces. They are a quadrupedal species, but can be bipedal as needed. They have horselike heads, with the males having anywhere from two to ten horns, and the females having antlers instead, with more tines growing as she ages. Their eyes are golden, with reptilian pupils, and darken to black the longer they are off of their home plane. They are fanged, and have tri-tipped tongues. They have snakelike tails, with spikes down the back, and many have an adornment on the end, ranging from a scythe-like blade to a mace-like knot of spikes. Their forefeet are clawed, with three front-facing and one back-facing, and the center claw is hollow, to transmit their venom. Their hind feet are cloven, with a double-split, and can be spread much like toes to give better traction. They have dragon wings, with a spike on the end of each wingbone, and three at the wrist. Their bodies are more slender near their hindquarters.


Dirkittia tend to view other races as childlike, and mostly find amusement when around "younger" races. A dirkitt's life revolves around their soulbonded, and they will do anything and everything in their power to protect that person. If a dirkitt is greater than five hundred feet from their soulbonded for longer than a day, they will start to fade into their "dead" form, whereupon they will automatically teleport to the location of the soulbonded. Nothing short of a god's interference can stop this teleportation.


Dirkittia are Chaotic, and tend to be either Evil or Neutral. Good-aligned dirkittia are extremely rare, and generally looked down upon by the rest of their race.


They hail from the Plane of Chaos, but tend to live wherever their soulbonded resides. A dirkitt has no real preference when it comes to where they live, so long as their soulbonded is there.


Dirkittia nominally follow one of the myriad gods of Chaos. Sometimes, a dirkitt will elect to follow one of the various Dragon gods. However, most dirkittia elect to not bother with deities.


Being part-dragon, dirkittia can speak Draconic, as well as Abyssal and Common. They have the capability to learn and understand any language upon hearing it spoken, but generally don't voluntarily speak them, since they consider it boring. They also have racial telepathy with other dirkittia (not quite a "hive mind") but only with others on the plane they are currently on. Dirkittia have the ability to speak to animals, although this is mental speech rather than physical.


Dirkittia have no names themselves, but will adopt a name if given one by whoever they are bound to.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +6 Str +4 Dex +4 Int -2 Con Dirkittia tend to be strong, agile, and smart, but not particularly sturdy, despite their scales and size.
  • Dragon (Air): Being made partially from dragons, dirkittia are considered Dragonkin.
  • Dirkittia are classified as Large creatures.
  • Dirkitt base land speed is 60 feet: Flying 150 feet.
  • Breath Attack (Su): A dirkitt has an innate breath weapon (Fire, Ice, Acid, Lightning, Poison, Radiant, or Necrotic), usable once per day, plus an additional use obtained every odd-numbered level. The breath weapon deals 3d8 points of damage. A successful save (type depending upon breath type) (DC 13 + dirkitt Int modifier) reduces damage by half.
    • Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Poison Gas Breath, and Necrotic Breath produce a 30' cone. Acid Breath, Lightning Breath, and Radiant Breath produce a 50' line.
  • Venom: A dirkitt has venom that they can secrete through their hollow center claws. A dirkitt may choose not to use this venom when attacking with their claws. The venom is of the same type as the dirkitt's breath. A dirkitt may choose to use the venom in one or both claws. Upon being declared, a successful attack will add 2d4 damage of the venom's type to their claw attack damage. When using both claws, it adds 4d4. A successful save (DC 10 + dirkitt Str modifier) halves damage.
    • Fire breath and venom results in a weakness to cold and ice, and immunity to heat and fire. They cannot be ignited or burned.
    • Ice breath and venom results in a weakness to fire and heat, and an immunity to cold and ice. They cannot be frozen.
    • Lighting breath and venom results in a weakness to nature and earth magics, but an immunity to lightning and electricity. They cannot be shocked or paralyzed.
    • Necrotic breath and venom results in a weakness to Radiant, taking damage from normal healing spells, but can be healed with Necromancy spells, similar to undead.
    • Radiant breath and venom results in a weakness to necrotic damage and necromancy spells, immunity to damaging radiant spells, and a boost to healing both received and dealt.
    • Poison breath and venom results in a weakness to acid, and immunity to poison.
    • Acid breath and venom results in a weakness to poison and immunity to acid.
  • A dirkitt has immunity to all mind-control effects, up to and including sleep, confusion, and beguilement.
  • A dirkitt takes a -2 on Climb, -4 on Hide and Move Silently, and +4 to Intimidate checks.
  • Darkvision (Ex): A dirkitt has darkvision to 60 feet, and low-light vision.
  • Dirkittia do not sleep, instead entering a trance-like state for a maximum of six hours. Their soulbonded moving or being moved away from them will waken them instantly. They feed on magic, or they can feed on the vitality of their soulbonded if they wish to be free of their contract.
  • Dirkittia can use all level 0 spells, 5 level 1 spells, 4 level 2 spells, 3 level 3 spells, 2 level 4 spells, and 1 level 5 spell. They may use spells of any type except Universal. Their spells are chosen at character creation, and cannot be changed.
  • Automatic Languages Draconic, Common, possibly Abyssal. Bonus LanguagesA dirkitt learns any language that it hears spoken.
  • Favored Class Wizard, light-fighter type classes.
  • Level Adjustment:

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Dirkitt Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
300 years +2d10 +3d10 +4d10
Table: Dirkitt Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
1000 years 5000 years 10000 years +Infinite years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Dirkitt Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 7’ 0” +2d4 550 lb. × (3d10) lb.
Female 7’ 0” +2d4 550 lb. × (3d10) lb.

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