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Semi-corporeal, Humanoid/non-humanoid

Diamond Heart's

Physical Description[edit]

Screenshot 2.png

Diamond Hearts resemble a blob of shadow, although some can concentrate enough to form itself into the shape of a creature of similar size eventually this shape may become natural to the Diamond. They often have two lights that represent eyes.

Typically staying around 4'-6' some may be larger due to a larger diamond being their heart. Some Diamond Heart's may stray from the norm and have lighter colors a few have been known to be light or dark blues instead of blacks. A Diamond Heart's weight is entirely dependent on the diamond used.

Due to their shadow nature, they are incapable of using weapons in combat unless they have invaded a suit of armor, however, if they invade a suit of armor to use weapons they become incapable of casting spells (Padded, leather, and hide armors are exempt from this rule. Any armor that includes metal cannot be worn by spell caster Diamond Heart's) that don't affect the Diamond Heart's and only the Hearts. Diamond Heart's are incapable of casting touch spells except for a single spell that they specialize in (i.e cure wounds) making it a spell with a range of 10 feet. Diamond Heart's can also hold items if they concentrate on the object (Clothing items are exempt). If the diamond is scratched it can permanently weaken a Diamond Heart until it finds an exquisite and cut diamond to transfer to, artificial Diamond Heart's also tend to be quite naïve and trusting.

Alignment and Religion[edit]

They have no strict alignment or religions they follow


Diamond Hearts become adventurers either due to the death of a master or if the purchaser is an adventurer. Non-artificial Diamond Hearts may become adventurers of they were adventurers before their "reincarnation".

  • Ability Score Increase. Shades get a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Constitution and a -2 to Strength (and Wisdom if artificial)

Age. Age advances if left alone or around people that are not it's creator this ultimately depends on the shade.

Alignment. Shades vary between evil and good to not having a care in the world.

Size. Shades tend to always be between 4'-6'but depending on the amount of magic and the size of the diamond they can exceed 10' in height.

Speed. Your base walking speed is <40> feet.

Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

natural feather fall up to 30' if wearing light armor. Due to the nature of a Shade Diamonds body only falls of 30' or higher will have adverse effects.

Natural armor. The diamond which gives the Shades life moves around in the body to avoid damage giving a +2 to their AC.

Spell Specialization. Shades can specialize in a single touch spell (Related to their class) to make it a ranged spell (10' range)

Immunity. Immune to poison and disease not magical in nature.

Weakness to magic. Shade Diamonds take a -2 to saving throws against magical effects and an extra 2 points of damage from magical sources. This effect does not affect healing cast on the Shade or spells cast by the Shade.

Languages. Common, and creators base language (With DM approval.)



Diamond Heart's started being made by magic users to be free help in organizing and writing, eventually being used as soldiers by some states, soon they were made by possessing a diamond with the mind of a fallen creature. When artificial Diamond Heart's were made by strong magic users, some sought them out for partners in combat and even love. The choice was left to the individual Diamond's.

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