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Dhampir Subrace[edit]

This is an alternative to a Player Character Vampire or Dhampir full race. Rather than replacing all racial characteristics for a character, this would instead take the place of a subrace. For example, an Elven Dhampir would receive all the benefits of the core Elven abilities, but would use the Dhampir Subrace instead of the High Elf, Wood Elf or Drow subraces. If adding the Dhampir Subrace to a core race that does not have subraces available, use the ability score modifiers of the core race only. As a note: Dhampirs do not register as Undead, nor are they Cursed. Their bloodlust cannot be cured through anything less than a Wish spell. They do not transmit vampirism and they do not need to drink blood in order to live - however they are drawn to it, and if necessary can live only on a diet of blood - the best for them is the blood of their non-vampiric parent race, however blood from living, non-toxic creatures works as well.

Physical Description[edit]

A Dhampir looks like their non-vampire parent race and is indistinguishable from the rest of their family or people. It is not until their eyeteeth extend into vicious points and they lunge at their prey with a glint of madness in their eyes that it becomes clear that they are not entirely what they seem to be.


Dhampirs were created through magical experimentation. A powerful mage desiring an army of Vampires under his control that couldn't be detected as Undead, or Turned. A Vampiric army that could brave the sunlight - and that he could raise from birth, cultivating absolute loyalty. Predictably this went south and the few Dhampirs that were created were either destroyed or managed to escape. Those that escaped live lives of solitude, often moving from place to place and laying low, some choosing to forego civilisation entirely.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

Most Dhampirs identify strongly with their non-vampiric heritage. Their alignments will reflect this, as will their behaviours and their inclinations towards worship. Some go the opposite direction, embracing their vampiric heritage above all else. These Dhampir will shun the daylight, drink blood exclusively and try to seek out their vampiric parent - or any other powerful vampires - in order to get closer to true vampirism. In extreme cases, a Dhampir trying to embrace their vampirism will hunt down their vampiric parent and slay them, before retreating to a dark, safe location - a pre-prepared lair - where they will take their own life in hopes of rising again come next sunset as a True Vampire.

Dhampir Traits[edit]

Dancing with darkness, a Dhampir teeters on the brink of light and dark. They struggle with powerful bloodlust that can overwhelm their senses, and a knowledge that death is not the true end for their body; even if it is for their soul.
Ability Score Increase. +1 Con OR +1 Dex OR +1 Str
Age. Dhampirs mature at the same rate as their non-vampiric parent race. Their lifespans are often twice the length of their apparent race.
Alignment. Often Chaotic, but can take any alignment.
Size. Speed. Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Sunlight Sensitivity. While in direct sunlight you have disadvantage to attack rolls and (Wisdom) Perception checks relying on sight.
Blood Lust. You are proficient with the Bite Attack (melee). This does 1d4 + Strength Modifier piercing damage. When using Bite as an Attack Action, you can use your Bonus Action to Drain a living victim (this does not require another attack roll, as you have 'latched on' to your victim) causing an additional 1d6 necrotic damage which you then gain as healing. After performing a Drain Attack, you must roll a Wisdom Saving Throw DC 20 - Wisdom Modifier. On a success, nothing happens; on a fail, you are unable to willingly release your victim and begin to grapple them. If you are not physically or otherwise forced to release your victim before your next round, you must perform the same Drain action and repeat your saving throw, locked at the victim's throat until you make your save, are physically removed, the victim breaks free or dies. If you take damage whilst Draining a victim, you may roll another Wisdom Saving Throw.
Vampire Heritage. You gain resistance to Charm effects. If you die, unless your body is blessed, burned or dressed with holy water, it will rise again as a Vampire Spawn; attacking everything near it as it searches for it's vampiric parent. If that parent is dead, the body rises as a True Vampire.
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